Thursday, 2 April 2009

Lying down, Blogging in bed.

Hey everyone, how's your day today? For me, I spend my whole day in bed, lying down due to horrible period. argh! It's like my worst period ever that's freaking pain and my whole body sores like mad. Even my knees feel terribly pain, ace, sore when I bend them slightly. My lower back's aching like crazy and the only times I go up was to go to the toilet to pee and brush my teeth and sit up to eat my yong tou fu and medicine. It feels worst than being sick like a high fever or what so ever that I had for my past 19 years. My whole body just feel freaking weak and I didn't even wanted to eat at all. My mom had to force me to make a choice of what do I want to eat even.

Hai... skipping japanese lesson today. So sad sia~ Hope that 先生 will go through Kanji again next week! Oh ya! I am learning Kanji now already! Though not alot but I am already very happy and excited about it!

So I've been spending my whole day in bed, editing photos for the Toni & Guy hair show and making a new banner for my blog as you can see above. So ya... I should be blogging about the hair show soon once I've gotten my photos from Jess which shouldn't be taking long.

Here's one photo:

Guess what is it in the photo above? heehee..

OK. That's all for now.
Gonna spend catch 爱就宅一起 since I have the time.

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