Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Random Dinner

Pepper lunch, anyone?

I met up with Li Jin and Heng Jie yesterday after work. I met Jin first as Jie was late. Jin was kinda too crazy yesterday. But then again, I'm not much better. I guess we're just too tired. It's Jin's last day of work at some hotel yesterday and she had her bag filled with her stuff from office till the max! And I don't know why but when I just met her, she looked super auntie and restless. So while waiting for Jie to arrive at AMK hub, Jin and I went walking around and surprisingly that girl actually wanted to shop for cosmetics!

OK. She's one person that used to not care about such stuff. She did say that she wanna start learning when I asked her if she wanted to go to Shiseido private sales with me near last Christmas. She didn't go that time as she had to work over time that evening. I got her Shiseido's eye shadow for Christmas and you know what? As she didn't know (now either) how to put makeup, she actually wanted to test on barbie doll! I was like "What?! Expensive stuff you wanna put on Barbie doll?!"

So ya... Jin got herself a pencil eyeliner for $5.00 from some Korean brand shop that's right beside of the Face shop. She thought that it's like super cheap so she just bought it as a start to learn how to put on eyeliner. However, I know of someone whose eyeliner is even cheaper without any discount and stuff some more. Li Ting!!! She once told Zhi Hui that her eyeliner is super cheap and good! $3.00 only from some shop in Bugis! hahaha... but that's something I'll never touch again cause pencil eyeliner smudge like mad on me! It won't even last 2 hours nicely without smudging and stuff lor!

After taking a look at that Korean cosmetic brand shop, we walked over to the Face shop as (I think) Jin wanna see some lip gloss. She actually wanted to buy foundation and etc etc but the auntie at that Korean brand shop say that we're still young and shouldn't put too much makeup so Jin decided to get only that $5 eyeliner. Jie soon arrived that the Face shop, too, and I told her about the whole jin wanna put Shiseido eyeshadow on Barbie doll thing and her reaction was the same as me lor! lol.

After much consideration, Jin had decided for us to have Pepper lunch for dinner. And we all had...

Salmon Pepper Rice!!! *yum yum*

Look at Jin! She look soooooo happy when the food came lah!

Soon all of us had our Salmon Pepper Rice and Jin popped one sentence out.

"This is the only time I can cook, okay~"

Like so diao lah~ And seriously, for her, unless it's those kind of cup instant noodles that all you have to do if add water, I actually don't really dare to eat.

See! Jin flicked out a poor corn and gave excuses that the tray grew a corn on it.

We had a very good talk, catching up with one another especially for Jie as we don't really meet her ever since we've graduated from secondary school. We laughed so much that every one's cheeks and jaws sore like mad, too.

Out of a sudden, I feel as if there's these 2 words written on my forehead.

"Easily deceived"

I've been really naive and trust people too easily when I was younger, back then before I came to poly. People lie to me, they makeup fake stories and I just believe whatever they tell me cause I have this silly idea that friends do not lie to one another. Friends do not cheat one another, nor make up stories. I've never ever once fell as down as I was in secondary 3 when one friend of mine just turned her back and there I went, out of her life. Looking back, I really think and feel that I seriously dumb and stupid, silly, that I just accept whatever people told me. Maybe this point I can say that when it comes to friendship, I'm somehow like a guy. There's no need to say too much. You're my friend, I'll help you. And sh*t cause I got treated like a fool by (at least) 2 people I got to know in my secondary school life. I won't say that I'm smart now, but at least more wise I feel. I say, I choose my friends wisely.

If anyone is gonna come stepping all over me, you DIE. And to those people whom want a better life so so so so much that you even have to lie to your own, make up stories to lie to the whole world, I can only say, you're pathetic. And you do not come into my life anymore! If you wanna live in your own wonderland, go ahead. It's has totally none of my business and has absolutely nothing to do with me. If you need help, I'll still help. But if you're coming to me, telling me all those sh*t crap again, then you better not appear in my peacefully wonderful life again. I may not be rich and stuff, but at least I love myself for who I am, I love my life for what it is!

Enough said. Back to my wonderful dinner!

Jie's sesame soft ice cream and my macha soft ice cream after dinner.

See Jie not fun one~ Only know how to hide! Meow~

Not like Jin will let me take photo.

SEE! This "Random" girl so happy!

And before we left, we took some photos!

Jie and Jin
(Meiya and Xiao Xin) =X

Then it's my turn to take photo with Jie so Jin has to take the photo for us.

Seriously, Jie and I feel that Jin doesn't know how to use a digital camera.

Random candid shot as Jin tried to learn how to use a digital camera

Finally! One not-bad shot!

Self-taken big head shot with Jie

Jin and I, photo taken by Jie

Self-taken big head shot with Jin

One last self-taken shot:

And TADA!!! All 3 of us!

OK. That's all.
We must sure find some time to "random" again.
(Jin is addicted to the word "Random")

Have a nice day everyone!

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