Friday, 24 April 2009

I miss school~~~!!!

I went back to school during my lunch time on both Wednesday and Thursday(which is yesterday) to watch my lovely juniors' performance and stuff.

This year, our school has changed the layout of all the booths from various ccas and the performance's stage. Instead of the stage being like against a wall, they shifted it right in the centre of the whole sports hall and with all the cca booths surrounding it.

When I reached the sports hall on Wednesday, it was almost time for JMD to put up their performance.

Look at the poor Zhi Sen... Like Maria sia~ hahaha...

And De Sheng was walking around "cosplaying" the long mao. lol

Sok Hiang and I met Theo!

Theo super chio this time round! Even on Thursday but too bad so sad I didn't take photo of her cosplaying some anime character.

TADA!!! Sakuran's booth this year!

And yes, we still have the "flag" tied above.

I have absolutely no idea why the Kendo person was at our booth but oh well~ Promote promote for SJCC!!!

I walked passed Foreign Bodies's booth before heading out to have my lunch and saw Jess there!

Sok Hiang commented that this photo looked like some photo taken at a concert.
*Look at the people behind*

Full body shot!

And big head shot!

And yes~ MY LUNCH!!! From the muslim store at North canteen!!! Yum yum~ I seriously miss it like bell lah! Eating that reminded me of my days during Final Year Project (which is like 4 months ago?)!!!

And as you walk by the TFA towards Blk L, you will spot SJCC's banner above your head!

Another creepy one this year~ =p

And the following photo is the only photo I have taken yesterday.

Guess who's Elizabeth this time? hahaha...

After work yesterday, when I finally had time to just "relax", I took a closer look at my Kimono tube top (which i wear as both tube and skirt) and I realised that the color is different!

It used to be more of red and pink, those bright Jap kind of fabric print and now it's like that!

Blueish and Purpleish!!! OMG!
Since when sakura flowers are printed purple?!

I'm super sad (even till) now that my mom actually washed it with some other clothes, apparently blue clothes and the dye got onto my tube top! Freaking sad, upset, angry lah! It's like the most expensive clothes that I've ever bought for myself and I wore it only around 5 times after almost 3 years!

And you know what? My mom still gave me that sarcastic tone and say that she thought that I didn't like that skirt at all that's why I always fold it and put it aside! Like duh~! It's expensive! That's why I keep it folded to prevent any damages that my be caused by stupid hangers and putting it aside so that no one else touches it?! ARGH~! Freaking sad sia~ It's the one and only piece in this whole world you know? I can NEVER find one that's exactly the same anymore! And worst, the shop that I bought it from was in the building Icon which no longer exist anymore!

*cry out LOUD*

OK. Not gonna state the price of this tube top that I LOVE TO THE MAX. It's half the price of a normal yukata sold out there. Go do your math and estimation.


Oh well, Raymond is back from Malaysia last night and he got me this lovely mobile strap which I haven't decided on where should I hang it.

My sis has a similar one with black hair and green "clothes".


And here's some things I bought yesterday before heading down to JAS for my Japanese lessons while shopping for some other toiletries.

2 Silky girl eyeshadow

Ever since I've blogshopped to, I just wanna get more eye shadows to try on as I am kinda bored putting the same old colors everyday. I do use my different eye shadows, my Canmake, Ettusais, Shiseido, Kanebo Kate, but the thing is that all of them are brown, gold, shimmer brown, shimmer gold. It's just ssssooooooooo boring~! And I saw some new pretty eyeshadow from Canmake yesterday at Watsons and oh! I just wanna get eyeshadow! =p Plus, i was upset because of my tube top, too.

So after heading to some "supplier" shops, I saw these cute Silky girl eyeshadow for $7.90 each instead of the regular $8.90 at Watsons, and after doing some calculations, I decided to get them. heehee..

Also got myself a new makeup remover, or rather cleasing oil as stated on the bottle, at the same shop.

Retail price at Watsons: $13 plus after discount
Supplier shop price: $10.50

My previous ZA one is good but I wanted to try the new Biore's makeup removal as it seems so good. And also the ZA one doesn't really remove my liquid eyeliner well so my eyelids will still be slightly black even though I've cleaned it a few times. And like I've just said, I wanted to get the new Biore's remover. However, I feel that it's more expensive, selling at $19.90 for 200ml at the supplier store whereas the old formula one is only for $10.50 for 150ml. 50ml more for $9.40? I don't think so. Anyway this old formula is also quite highly raved so I shall just give it a try first.

And yes I've used it last night to remove my makeup and I was actually quite shock when I applied it on my face as it smells sooo nice~ There's a slight sweet floral smell! However, I can't compare whether the ZA remover is better or this Biore one curently as I only put on light makeup yesterday which of course is easy to be removed. Shall make my comparison over the weekends after I put on my usual going-out-makeup.

And lastly, just to show off to you my new watch that Dann got me last week!

TADA!!!I know it's not some atas watch like LV, Gucci, whatever! I don't care~ And I love my new watch!


Ma ma~ I don't really have much interesting things to blog about these few days. Attachment is killing my life, my social life!

Oh well, at least I still have my weekends with my friends!
Looking forward to Natsu's practice to begin!
And also the Samsung event tomorrow! haha... It's the first time I'm invited to a bloggers event. (*^-^*)

That's all for now.
Have a nice day everyone!

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