Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Korean Spicy Rice Cake 떡볶이

Hi everyone!
Ok! It's been a long time since I last blog on recipes for food.
This is gonna be the first time I'm blogging on recipe that's not on dessert.

I totally love Korean Spicy Rice Cake ever since like 6-7 years ago.
Although I'm a person that doesn't eat chili and either do I usually spicy food but still I love TteokBokKi!

Yup, korean spicy rice cake is called 떡볶이 in Korean pronounced as Tteok-Bok-Ki (トッポッキ).

So now! I'm gonna share with everyone how to cook TteokBokKi yourself!
Ok. I wanna add that this recipe is what I came up with after looking through many different recipes I can find online and on YouTube.
I modified the recipe a little cos I couldn't find some ingredients.

So! Here's the ingredients needed, or rather I used!

  • Onions

  • Carrot

  • Spring onions

  • A packet of TteokBokKi.
    I bought this packet from the Korean 'supermarket' at Square2.

  • TteokBokKi paste.
    You can always get TteokBokKi sauce instead if you don't feel confident making your own sauce.
    But if you do get the sauce, you can just heat the sauce and put in the rice cake, cook at low heat till the rice cake is soft

  • The packet of tteokbokki I bought. Got this packet for around $6.
    There are quite a few choices of tteokbokki at the supermarket so I just bought the cheapest one. =P

    The TteokBokKi paste I bought. I got this bottle for around $4. Seriously...
    I still have half a bottle left even after making that huge pot of tteokbokki!

    Ok. I read online in a certain recipe that if you buy the instant tteokbokki like the one I bought, you have to soak it in water for around 20 minutes first.

    Seriously, I think that's a huge mistake!

    I'm not too sure about other brands, but if you're gonna get the exact packet that I got, DO NOT SOAK IT!!! Just leave it out to defrost while you prepare the other ingredients.

    So yes, I soaked my rice cake. T-T

    I seriously think that's why my rice cake was not able to absorb the taste of the sauce later on because it's "filled with water"! TAT

    Cut my onions into big slices as I'm making onion stock for the base instead of anchovy stock as I couldn't find them!
    So if you could, it's of course better to use anchovy to boil you stock first!

    Carrots and spring onions prepared!

    3-4 cups of water + onions + carrots

    Like mentioned, if you have anchovy, use anchovy and boil them in 4 cups of water for about 10 mins.

    So yes... leave it to boil for around 10 mins.

    While waiting, grab a drink! Muahahaha~

    OK. If you're wondering, yes I bleached my eyebrows that's why they are so much lighter.
    And this photo was taken like 2-3 days after I bleached them.
    TADA! Now you know... Lol

    Drained the water for the rice cakes after I finished my packet of drink.

    So after boiling for around 10 mins, if you used anchovy, remove them from the water.

    Else, let's continue!

    Add about 350ml of tteokbokki paste into the stock.
    If you want your tteokbokki to be more spicy, well go ahead and add more!

    By right, you need to add in some sugar depending on how sweet you want your rice cake to be, I didn't add in any cause there's no more sugar in the house! T-T

    So ya, if you're adding, you can add before or after the tteokbokki paste. =)

    Stir well!

    Add in your rice cakes!

    Stir well

    Let it boil for about 3 minutes on medium heat.
    Remember to check and stir well from time to time.

    Add in spring onions

    Leave it to boil on low heat till sauce thickens.
    And still, remember to check from time to time and stir well! =)

    And TADA!!! Your very own TteokBokKi!


    So I hope everyone enjoy this post on how to cook tteokbokki!



    1. hehe looks good :) for future reference, I know my mom makes amazing 떡볶이, but instead of making in like a pot like substance, she would make the sauce in a frying pan and then put the rice cakes in...this is a video thats really similar to the way she does it :D ( ) you can see that the rice cakes have really absorbed the flavor! also if you put ramen in with it, it tastes even better (both the noodles and the spicy powder) :D

    2. It looks yummy :DD Was it very spicy! ><

      Btw, think the korean version of いただきます is 잘 먹겠습니다, meaning sth along the lines of "pls eat well", which is what いただきます is supposed to mean right. 드립니다 means "to give"

    3. aww what a delicious looking teok bok ki. that's one of my fave cuisine. I guess you'd like kimchi jigae too ^^
      anyway. I always put one tbs of doenjang to my teokbokki. xD~~~ so yummy~! <3

    4. lol i love <3 떡볶이 its one of my favorite foods hahaha

    5. Hyunaへ
      Cool~ Thanks!

      Erm... Actually I'm also not sure. I used Google translate to translate いただきます to Korean and that's what Google translated.

      Lina Kim ♥へ
      What's doenjang?
      It's pretty weird but I don't really like the taste of kimchi. lol~

      YEAH! *Hi 5!*

    6. doenjang is like a miso in japan. but richer in taste =D

    7. Hi, I bought the same bottle of tteokbokki paste than you, but since i can't read korean, i don't know if i can eat it because i'm vegeterian. Can you tell me if tere is meat in this sauce? Plus, i'd like to know the name of this product, which brand it is? Thanks a lot, i hope i'll cook tteokbokki soon :D

    8. Shinkaへ
      Sorry but I can't read Korean either. Perhaps you can ask the people who works in the shop. I understand that most people working in Korean supermarkets are Koreans.

    9. Hi, where i can buy ingredients online?

    10. Can I ask which supermarket sells the tteokbokki sauce?

      1. You can get it at almost any korean supermarket. Like Novena or even Far East Plaza.



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