Friday, 6 May 2011

Good Friday

Hi everyone!
Oh man~ Such a delayed post.

How did you spend your Good Friday this year?

Well, this post is on how I spent mine!

First up! I met my buddy Jess for lunch at Yoshinoya!

Salmon Don!

Gosh I have no idea when was the last time I had Yoshinoya!
Don't know how many years was that.
I guess it was in my poly days, like during my year 1 or 2 I guess...

Oh~ So long ago!




After lunch at Yoshinoya, we headed over to Haji Lane to camwhore!

Yes~ We are both super 自恋 that we will actually meetup just to take photos!
Seriously... it's FUN!!!

Camwhore photos

Ok~ We didn't take much photos that day as Jess's DSLR was playing punk that day and refuse to co-operate.
Plus, it started raining soon~ So we had no choice but to hide under shelter at Bugis.

2 of my favourite shots Jess took for me that day

We went shopping at Plaza Singapura after that before Jess left for work.
I then headed down to HVM at 313 to help Juno get his CD before going down to Artica to pass it to him.

Haha~ You should see the look on his face when I passed him his CD.
He SO happy lah!
And that that piece of CD I got was actually the very last piece already.



My Kinder Surprise Eggy!!!

Now Kinder Surprise so expensive lah!
I paid $2.50 for this egg okay?!

And remember people, NEVER get someone to hold your fragile chocolate egg for you or it MAY end up looking like this.
So sad right?

Sadded that my egg is no longer in perfect shape

But still I LOVE Kinder Surprise!!!

It's like waaaaaaaaaaay better than Kinder Joy lah!
Boy~ I miss those days where Kinder Surprise is available everywhere at affordable price!

And yes! My catch of the day!!!
Walking Rainbow Rilakkuma!!!

It's so funny that whenever I switched my Rilakkuma on and walking on the floor, Kolvis will walk away from it. Lol~

By the way if you still do not know, this is Kolvis.

Ok~ Quite an old photo taken using my phone, so sorry, but the quality a bit cannot-make-it.

Oki! That's all for now!
The weekend's ahead!


  1. You are soooo pretty! :D May I know what lenses you are wearing? They make your eyes look sooooo biggg *.*

  2. cute cute cute >.< i love everything about this post >u<

  3. mochibunnnyへ
    Thank you! I was wearing EOS Misty Brown for this post. =)

  4. Omg, where did you get the kinder surprise? I thought they stopped selling that product. ^^

  5. Anonymousへ
    I bought that from a fair at 313 Somerset that day.
    I know Candy Empire and the chocolate shop at *Scape sells Kinder Surprise, too.
    But it's like near $3 for one egg.

  6. Whoaa I don't think Yoshinoya in America is that legit *___*!!!

    I don't think we have kinder either... *fail*

  7. ★33★へ
    Serious?! I always thought that you can get Kinder products super easily in America!

  8. omg I didn't know that Kinder Surprise was so expensive in other countries!!!
    in Germany you have to pay about $0.90! and I already thought that was expensive xDD



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