Wednesday, 4 May 2011



A few weeks back I had a little tea session with a few of you, my blog readers.

We headed over to Fruit Paradise at Raffles City for tea that day!

Both Michiyo and I had rose tea.

I just love rose tea!!!
I used to make myself a cup every night before going to bed for about a year until I've finished all my rose buds and have yet to buy more.


I had a little demonstration on how to wear double eyelid fibre on one of my readers, Arienne.

After tea, we had a little shopping at Watsons together before heading down to Bugis to take purikura!


Michiyo focusing on cutting the neoprints

Arienne choosing her neoprints

Arienne, it was really great getting to know you! Hope you're trying out the eyelid tape I gave you to get pretty double eyelids! Gyarupoyo!

Joy, though you've just started reading my blog only recently, still, thank you very much and it was really great to be able to meet you!


Ok~ I know my eyes look different that day.
Was trying out a different style of eyemake, mannish eyemake.

Went shopping with Michiyo at Orchard after the meet-up session and had Waraku for dinner!

Michiyo and her new issue of PopTeen!

Headed over to 313 @ Somerset for ice cream after dinner!

Seriously~ I did not photoshop my eyes at all!
The way I drew my eyemake that day made them not only look big but HUGE!!!



  1. looks like such a fun day :D
    and you are super cute!!

    and ohgawd the foood~ °Q°

  2. everything looks sooo awesome! ^^ especially the cakes!

  3. wahh so much yummy looking food :D I'm so jealous~ also you look soo cute and pretty :)

  4. wah lucky i wish i could meet youuu ~ >uO lol gah food looks super yummy makes me hungry and you should do a tutorial on how you did this make up looks soo big your eyes and looks very lovely on you >u<

  5. THAT CAKE LOOKS SO GOOD!! Oh yeah people always think I shop my eyes but its just my makeup... and probably cuz my eyes arent teeny tiny

  6. What lower lashes are you using in this post?

  7. Anonymousへ
    I bought those lashes from a shop in Far East Plaza then edit them myself. =)



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