Thursday, 12 May 2011

☆ 新しい夏ヘアカラー By Artica! ━(゚∀゚)━ ♪ ☆

I just can't wait to share with all fo you my new hair colour! (笑)

On Tuesday, I headed down to Artica to get my hair done.

As usual, I do not know what colour Juno is gonna give me.
He always surprises me and yes I always love what he does to my hair! (また笑)

For thing for sure, I'm was gonna bid goodbye to my 2-tone hair for sure.
So here's a last look for it.

And of course, the enemy of all who dye their hair, ugly black roost!!!
Ok~ If you're blonde by birth, then blonde roots.

Goodbye old hair style.

It had been a good 4 months together.

I'll miss you~ I think...

Ok~ Enough of the drama.
Let's get started!!!

First! To bleach for my dark brown 2nd tone hair.

Bleach bleach bleach. Where's Ichigo?

Ok.. Not funny. Lol

After bleaching my 2nd tone hair area, Juno and Don bleach the roots of my hair as I'll be getting a really light colour this time round!

Bye Black Roots! I so do not and will not miss you!


While we wait for the bleach to do its job, here's my Nike Dance Troupe, again!

Ok. I shall blog it here just in case anyone is to ask me again.
I got this pair of Dance Troupe from Nike store, in Singapore.
I got it last year. And sorry but I don't remember the price already.
I have too many shoes, it's pretty hard to keep track of the price of every single pair.

Oki! Time to wash off the bleach!

Yeah was I high seeing light coloured hair again!

Yes I'm obsessed with light coloured hair.
But one thing! I've never go blonde blonde!

Getting my hair blow-dried for dye!

Don and Nic at work!

Felt like a diva having 2 people to blow-dry my hair for me. (恥)

Hair dried! Yeah!!!

So this is how my hair looked after bleaching.

Now for the next step!

Colouring in process!

Just by looking at the dye, I seriously had to idea what my colour was gonna turn out to be.
Ooooo~ I can't wait!!!

Tako face


Dye applied on my whole head except roots.

Lalalala~ Now who's hungry?

Don't I remind you of some baked pasta or baked rice sort of thing?

Juno: "Trixy, do you need an oven?"

Dye applied on roots.

Sorry I was pretty sleepy thanks to Sims3 the night before. *Opps!* =P

And after a long wait...

Yeah my new hair colour after wishy washy off dye!

But wait! I'm not done yet!

Nic applying scalp treatment on

Getting scalp treatment done!

Mr. Steamer is back in action, again!

Relax relax~

Ok. I totally love the next photo and I apologise for editing the photo like this.
I just can't help it! It just reminds me of some sci-fi movie poster or something!

Right?! Right?!

So my treatment went on for some time before I got a rinse.

Now my hair is done!

What's left?

Blow-dry and a little trim!

Ok~ I just thought that this photo with my hair like that reminds me of some 武侠片 like 风云 or sort.

Don at work!

Now! Are you ready for the final product of my new hair?


Are you really ready?


You sure?


Ok. I'm being irritating.

I shall just show you the final product photo.


I love it max lah!

As usual, Juno always know what I want and LOVES!!!

I just can't take my eyes off the my hair whenever I look into a mirror lah!

And Juno gave me this for me to apply on my scalp when I get home!

Yes! Once again like always, thank you Juno!!!
Look! We now have the same hair colour!!!

There's always a reason why I have been going to Artica and only get Juno to do my hair for me for the past 2 over years okay~

Now for my photos taken that day!

At Far East Plaza's toilet

I'm sorry but the lighting in the toilet is pretty yellow as you can see.

At Nanyang Polytechnic's Basketball Court

Oh yea! The latest book of Switch Girl is out already!!!
Got a copy of it from Kinokuniya after getting my hair done. =D


And yup! Artica's promotion is still on!
Check it out!

Artica Hair Studio
Far East Plaza
Facebook Page:

For appointment or inquiries, do feel free to ring them up at 68362891
or email them

Remember to call for appointment to avoid disappointments oh~

♥ XOXO ツリキ ♥

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  1. love you hair colour here!!
    also what font are you using on your photo's!!
    it's so cute!!!




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