Wednesday, 1 June 2011

カラオケ + アーケード + 栄 + 夏日霜

Hi everyone!

Realised that I have not been blogging much these few days. ごめん~

I'll be blogging again real soon once my new video is uploaded. YouTube is like suuuper slow lah!!!

A few weeks back, I went out with a few bloggers on a Friday night!

Had Go Go Curry for dinner cos both Domo and Himeko never had it before.

We ordered 2 of the Grand Slam to share.
Himeko shared with Ringo and I shared with Domo!

Seriously, I always heard people said that the Go Go Curry at 313 @ Somerset is nicer and stuff.
After trying the one at Ion that evening, yes I have to agree, the one at 313 is much much better!

Plus! Service is also better!

After dinner, we headed to Party World at Internation Plaza (I think).

It's my very first time going to a Party World outlet.
Hmm... Still, I prefer Cash Studio! Lol~

Emo songs were the most sang that night! Ow man~ We not emo, keep singing SOOOOo many emo songs for what?!

But then again, we got super high starting with Himeko and I 'singing' all the KPop songs which we have totally no idea how to sing at all other than the first few sentences of each chorus!

And also, my siao-high air guitar sure was crazy. Or at least, I think so... =P

Duet with Domo!!!

After karaoke, we headed to Starbucks for some drinks before going home and here are the pop cake thingy which I've forgotten the name of that Domo, Himeko and I had.

My Caramel Hot Chocolate

Domo! Her bag so cute lah!

Last Saturday, I met the gitls, again, together with Yijing for spa after my dance practice in the morning!

May blog about it again some other time...

Headed to the arcade at Tiong Bahru Plaza after that for Bishi Bashi


And start!

Don't know why on earth were their expressions all so serious, especially Ringo!

Like c'mon! It's Bishi Bashi!!!

The 2 Leos didn't play. (Himeko and I)

Yijing super pro lah! She was like 3 or 4 stages away to complete the whole game lah!
*Ahem* With one play only okay~!

Headed to Sakae for tea, or rather dinner for me, and chitty chatty!

Domo's ice blended. I forgot what flavour liao~

I had my usual Swedish Berries Hot Tea which looks like pad with blood as always. -_-
I'm so used to people having a shock or something every time they first see me drinking that!

And nope I didn't take a photo of my tea cos I find it kinda redundant to take photo of a drink that I have like 90% of the time I go Coffee Bean.

But since it's so amusing, Himeko did take a photo of it and here it is.

How? What do you think?

So after our chit chat session till like 9pm, we headed 'home'.
Okay~ I headed down to town to meet my friends as we were catching Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D that night at Cineleisure.

Summer Frost at *Scape

I seriously like this photo especially with Daniel smiling like that in it!

The guys playing air hockey on Xiang Min's ipad.

Dans - Danny and Daniel

Uncle Xiang Min!!!! Lol~

XM had Matcha Red Bean Frost

The Dans both had Oreo Chocolate Frost

And my Red Velvet Frost which is practically strawberries

Yum yum~

And yes! After having our summer frost, we headed over to Cineleisure for the Panda!
So so funny! Go watch go watch!!!

Oki! That's all for now!
Will be back soon!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. ogawd the foood *q*
    Wow you malaysian bloggers sure have taste xD
    and youre all so cute!!



  2. Luckily no video was taken, all of us stooped down into our battle stance once the game started LOL!

  3. Graceへ
    Thanks! By the way, we're all Singaporeans. Not Malaysians. =)

    Er.. I did take video. Still thinking whether should I upload or not.
    Maybe I should huh?

  4. Haha I love the menstruation tea [: So classy haha



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