Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Protected with Sunplay!!!

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Hi everyone!
Many people always ask me for tips to get fairer and stuff.
Well, there's always one main thing that is very very important and that is sunscreen.

Be it just going out shopping or even to school or work!
You many think that you're gonna be indoors the whole day anyway, so why on earth do you need sunscreen right?

Deeeeeeh~ WRONG!

Do you know that you can even get tanned indoors?!

Especially if your desk is near a window!
Or even, when you're on the bus or train, there's windows!
UV Rays DO get in!!!

So of course, worst if you're going out for the day under the sun like out to the beach, swim, to theme parks etc etc etc!
And living here in Singapore! Just imagine! The second you step out of your house, you SOOOO NEED sunscreen!

So girls, fear not!

Sunplay is here to our rescue to make sure that you can enjoy your day out in the sun to the max!

Firstly! Here's the Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock with SPF 80 PA++

This sunscreen mist is suitable for usage on body.
It's so easy to use! Just spray on 6-8 inches away on your body!
So you no longer have to worry about application onto hard-to-reach areas or even to feel embarrassed asking your friends to apply sunscreen for you, even friends of the opposite gender.
(=X Opps!)

This sunscreen mist is really cooling, waterproof and sweatproof!
So no worries but you're ready to play out in the sun and enjoy your day with your friends to the max!

Secondly! Here's the Sunplay Super Block with SPF 130 PA+++

It's suitable for usage on both face and body to protect our precious faces!
It can be used as a sunscreen lotion alone or with moisturiser.
But of course, that does not mean that mix the sunscreen with your moisturiser okay~
Just apply the sunscreen AFTER your moisturiser.
Plus! It's water resistant so you do not have to worry that your face will lose protection once you dip into the water!

NEXT! Noted something?
Both sunscreen of Sunplay are UVA & UVB protective!!!

You may ask, what's UVA and UVB?

For people who wish to stay as fair as possible, UVA is really important that A-type of UV Rays, which is UVA rays, is actually the THING that makes you tan!

And the Sunplay Super Block has the highest UVA AND UVB protection!

But of course, UVB is as important, too! So do not think that having UVA protection alone is enough okay?!

So! I went swimming last Saturday after making my vote for the General Election.
Seriously, who do not remember how HOT that day was?!
Tell me!!!

SO ya~ From this I guess you can imagine how freaking HOT that day was!

I applied the Sunplay Super Block on my face and had the Sunplay UV Body Mist on on my body!

Seriously people, no joking here.
Although yes these products are sponsored but I mean what I'm gonna say(or rather type) next!

I only get SUPER DUPER UPER little tanned!

I could barely see the difference of my skin tone after 2-3 hours out in that sun that sun!

I had to stare at my bikini-line SUPER hard then only could I see a SLIGHT different or skin tone!

And yes! No sunburn at all!

Below photos were taken on Sunday.
Do I even LOOK like I went swimming for hours in the hot sun?!


Oh ya! I forgot to add that the Sunplay UV Body Mist is pretty goos smelling, too!

And yes! My face is still as fair cos I was well protected by Sunplay's Super Block!

You seriously HAVE to try these products out especially if you're a person who love the sun, like me!
But yes, I know I have been avoiding the sun as much as possible to avoid getting tanned.
But no! I will hide to more!

Yippe! Sun sun sun!
Here I come!!!

Get your very own travel size SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK SPF130PA+++ for free!
Check out Sunply's Facebook Page for more details now!


  1. wahhh i should get some of that but they don't sell that where i live in the USA so probably have to get some online -__-"

  2. hi there, i live in Japan now and Sunplay is my best buddy during summer season. Yes I 100% agree with you that even if you stayed indoors you need SPF. During May to September in Japan when the UV rays is at its maximum point I really need generous amounts to cover up my face and body.



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