Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bioessence Celebrity's Choice 7 Days Challenge

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Had my photoshoot for BGSG in the morning before heading down to California Fitness at Bugis for Bioessence workshop!

By the way, here's my hair and makeup for the photoshoot that day.
AND! The issue of BGSG will be released on 28 June!
I'll post up more info on more you can grab you free copy on my FB page. (^^)

Ok. Back to the main thing of this post!

Yes! Bioessence Celebrity's Choice

After registration, we were each given a blogger sticker tag before the start of our workshop.
We also had our arms, tummy and thighs measured and recorded down.

My hair~ Playing with my camera a little before the start of the workshop.

Yes, once again, my Nike Dance Troupe.
Have been wearing this pair of shoes pretty often recently cos I'm kinda into funky colours once again and I'm loving this purple!

But then again, I'm hunting for a pair of RED sneakers! Wahahah~

With Clara AKA Dblchin

We had a little presentation on the Bioessence products.
Of course, not forgetting their latest Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength.

We got to try the body cream before we had our Zumba dance conducted by an instructor of California Fitness, Daniel.

And yup! Bioessence gave us these 2 products for our 7 days challenge!

The body scrub and of course! Their new body cream extra strength!

This body scrub is to be used after shower.
It's not hot actually. Or at least, I do not feel any heat when using the scrub at all.

The body cream Extra strength!

OMG! I totally regretted being generous with this cream!
I was practically burning, over heated, and was hopping, jumping, running around the house quite a lot of times course it was TOO HOT!!!

But it sure did work ya!

So my point here is, DON'T BE GREEDY!!!
Don't be too generous with the cream okay?!


We headed down to OG Orchard and got our arms, tummy and thighs measured and recorded again!

Guess what, I actually lost a total of 6.5cm!
And for our BIGGEST LOSER Domo AKA Chiharu, she lost a total of 12.5cm!!!

Oh man~ Now who dare say slimming creams do not work?!

Ok~ I do not know about other slimming cream, but the Bioessence Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength sure DO WORK!!!

After the event, I went for lunch at Ramen Play at 313 @ Somerset with some other bloggers!

Yes, this is Domo or rather known as Chiharu on her blog together with Ringo.
And she's the number 1 winner fo the 7 days challenge with a total loss of 12.5cm!

Look at her, she looks so happy right?
How I wish I can have a share of her prize. T-T

Ringo and Domo, blogging @

Adeline AKA Himeko @
Yijing @


Camwhore while waiting for food to be served

How do I look with short hair? (笑)

Ramen served.

After lunch, we head over to Orchard Central where Himeko and I had our ice cream from Cold Stone, FINALLY!!!

The queue is like always so long lah! OMG~
But thankfully, it was short that day! 万歳!

Take your pick, make you choice!

More of Domo. Yes I'm jealous of her prize. にゃ~

Camwhore while queuing!


Which size are you going for? Wahahaha~

My Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream in Process!

And last photo of this post, me and my ice cream!!!

Ok! That's all for this post!
Will be back soon to blog about my new hair colour!!!

Have a good night everyone!

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