Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hanging out with Mint Day & Filming Day

Hi everyone!

About 3 weeks back, I headed over to Mint's house a day and taught her how to put on basic makeup!

Mint @ http://mintleong.blogspot.com/

Mint's Bubbles!

Oh~ Now I'm missing my previous doggy, Lamb. ='(

By the way, I wore my W♥C Hoshi Kuma Tee out that day!

I LOVE this Tee!!!

Shipment for W♥C items are coming in soon!
I'll update Popu-Store with new instocks after they're in!

Next! filming day with mediacorp around 3 weeks ago, too.

With 阿哥李南星

He's super friendly lah!

And with 瑞恩

Yup! We're caroling angels that day!

I was pretty sad that we didn't have the chance to take photo with 张耀栋.

Oh well~ Never mind.

Ok! That's all for this short post!
Will be back to blog more soon!

Enjoy your holiday everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. omg cute puppy!!!
    And I love your outfit!

  2. What's the programme you were filming for and when can we catch it? Thanks! <3

  3. Anonymousへ
    Sorry but I don't think I can tell what program was I filming in.
    It's a channel 8 upcoming drama.
    Look out for dramas with Rui En, Li Nan Xing and Zhang Yao Dong! =)



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