Friday, 20 May 2011

Francis Cheong Show at Audi Fashion Festival

Hi everyone!

So I guess everyone has read my previous post where I got my hair styled for the Audi Fashion Festival on Tuesday.
If you have not, check it out here!

So thanks to for the invitation, I was able to attend one of the fashion shows for this year's Audi Fashion Festival!

So who's ready to have see some of the fabulous designs of our local designer Francis Cheong?

First! When we arrive at the entrance to the fashion festival, we were welcomed by these really interesting designs on the Audi A1 cars.

Who wouldn't want a car with unique design, right?

I got to know more bloggers that were at the fashion show, too!

And yea! A photo with Andrea De Cruz before the show!

So after being served great cocktail and some chit chat session, we entered the show area.


Not forgetting one of my all-time favourite female celebrity, Christy Chung!!!

Yes, my friend Ban Theng was like freaking jealous and going crazy when I told him that I would be going for the fashion show and would be able to see Christy Chung in person!

Sory but I just can't hold my excitement in, I LOVE HER SO SO SO MUCH!!!!

And yes! The fashion was began!!!

The very first piece of design of Francis Cheong for the evening!

Models on the runway

Sorry but because of my seat location, I was not able to snap great shots.

Below are some shots taken by the pros at the show.
Credits to

Personally I love this whole fee lots!

Christy Chung!!! OMG!!!

And of course, not forgetting the creative mind behind all these beautiful pieces of outfits and dresses, Mr. Francis Cheong.

Once again, thank you for the invitation!


  1. looks like alot of funn :D haha so excitingg.
    I love your current haircolor as welll!



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