Thursday, 19 May 2011


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Hi Everyone!
I'm really happy to receive the new products of Ginvera from theSampleStore to try them out!

You can check out my previous review for other Ginvera products here: Brighten Up with Ginvera

I love the previous products that they gave me to try like the marvel gel lots!
And seriously, I'm still using it even till now okay~

So here's 2 new products launched by Ginvera, and similarly, Green Tea~

The NEW Aqua Whitening Cream (with Oil Control)
and Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream with SPF30 & PA++ !!!

Ok. Before I go on, here's one thing I realised and love about Ginvera's products.
Most of them smell really good!!!
And yes! Including these 2 new babies of Ginvera!

First up! The new Aqua Whitening Cream.

To be honest, I don't see much of a the whitening effect on me.
I won't say that it does not work but before I am really really fair to begin with.

However, after using the aqua cream, I so feel that my skin is brighter!
And one more thing that I love about this product is that it's not oily or sticky after application.
Well, that's of course on top of the fact that it smells nice!
And yes! My skin feels well moisturised after application, too!

Next! The Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream!

I know many people know what BB cream is and seriously may be using BB creams even more than me.
But one thing I wanna say is that this BB cream feels very light on the skin and also moisturing!

Ok~ Plus the fact that it smells nice! =D

Below are some photos of me having only the new Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream + Loose powder on!

No I did not put on foundation oh~

So nice right?

Don't believe me?

Now you can grab your very own samples and try these products out!
Go on to Ginvera's Facebook Fanpage, like them and get your samples for free!

Stay pretty everyone!


  1. I swatched the sample of B.B. Cream sent to me and it was approximately three shades too dark for me. :(

    Do you know what shade you are in MAC foundations? Because t's very confusing if you are indeed "very very fair" and able to carry off this B.B. Cream. Surely you must be an NC20-25/medium skin tone at most?


  2. Adelinaへ
    Well, as you can see in the 3rd photo of this post, well I squeezed out the BB on my hand, it does look quite a few shades darker than my skin tone, too.

    Just make sure you warm up the BB cream a little and apply only a small amount, thin layer, it will blend with your skin tone. =)
    Although yes, still, it is darker than my original skintone.

    Sorry but I have not used any MAC products before so I can't give you any comments/feedbacks.

    But whenever I buy foundation, be it any brand out sooo many brands I've tried before, the shade I get is always the lightest or second lightest shade and those matches my skintone.



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