Thursday, 19 May 2011

Styled @ Artica

Hi everyone!

I was invited by to one of the fashion shows of this year's Audi Fashion Festival.
So on Tuesday evening, I headed down to Artica to get my hair styled for the show!

Yes, my normal everyday straight hair

And also, here's how my hair colour looks like now.

Don said that it's slightly more gold a liiiiiitle bit.

And my eyemake for the night.
Didn't put on really gal style of eyemake to suit the occasion.

And if you're wondering, I was wearing EOS Candy Magic Grey lenses.

Yippe!!! Style style style!!!

Don and Nic helped me style my hair as Juno was not in that evening.

Muahahaha!!! Like WHO DO NOT LOVE GREAT HAIR right?

Don and Nic are like super camera-shy so the only photos I can snap of them are always when they are doing my hair or someone else's hair...

And TADA!!! My gorgeous hair for the evening!!!

Oki! Will be back to blog on the fashion show itself real soon!
XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Hi! Yvonne from Yvonne And Her Playground here! You've got awesome hair that night. Me like it!!! Nice to get to know you. :))

  2. chou kawaii XD yay yay can't wait to see fashion show pics



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