Saturday, 24 October 2009


Last Tuesday, I walked over to Bugis Junction to get some stuff from Watson's after work. Heehee...

Bought snoopy tissue, eye mask, face mask and FOUNDATION!!! Finally I got money to buy foundation AND I did bring my ZA discount voucher I got when I signed up for the Watson's card! hahaha...

I tried the eye mask that very night at Dann's house after supper. Meow~

Can't really see nor feel much effect. I guess I really have to use like 5 times the first week to see some results as stated on the box?

I had super bad diarrea on Wednesday and had no choice but to take MC that day. Went to see the doctor and doctor gave me 2 days MC. Meow~ I hate diarrea medicine especially the powder one where you have to mix it with water and drink it up. THAT sux the MOST!

I cooked some pasta for myself on Thursday before going home. I was just too hungry but was stuck at Dann's place due to the super heavy rain. Argh~~~ I was searching for food or anything that I can cook and I found pasta and the pasta sauce we bought the last time.

Tizzu accompanied me to Jap lesson that night

LOL. Emo Tizzu~

After work on Friday, Dann brought me to V8 at Bugis Junction for dinner.

(Supposingly) Crispy Chicken Wings

Dann's Black Pepper Pork Chop

My spicy seafood pasta

heehee... yum yum~

Saturday, I went to AMK Hub with my mom.

Yea~ That's my mom alright. LOL

We went to AMK Hub as my mom wanted to watch Haeundae: The Deadly Tsunami

My mom just loves this kind of movies. I'm sure she's gonna ask me to watch with her 2012 lor~ LOL.

The movie is al~right~ The computer graphics and effects especially for the water aren't for good. Kinda bad for current technology. Oh well, my mom enjoyed it and that's the main thingy of this movie trip.

After the movie, we walked around Ang Mo Kio Central for awhile as my mom hardly goes there. She only step into Ang Mo Kio like once a year when we go visiting for my Aunties' houses during Lunar New Year.

After my mom went home, I went down to Heeren to meet Dann where Merloin, Xiang Min, Jo joined us soon after that. We walked around Heeren awhile and I bought my Arashi's Dream 'A' Live Album!!! Wahahaha!!! *Happy*

I know it's not the latest album but it's one of those that I'm short of! I'm still considering whether should I buy their latest 10th year anniversary album as I have like every single song in Disc A already and I intend to get every single one of their album which means I will also have every single song in Disc B in that way. Meow~

If I do get to see the Taiwan version again then buy ba. LOL.

Freddie joined us at Lucky Plaza where we then made our way to Liang Court for dinner!

豚かつ ラメン!

All 6 of us ordered the same ramen that night! Wahahaha~!

Meow~ camera not wide-lens. Can't capture all 6 bowls of ramen~

Merloin went to eat curry rice after finishing his ramen. And after that, all of us, as usual, will have our sashimi time!


And my 抹茶 ケーキ

NO~~~ Don't eat my cake~~~!!!

Dann gone super high that night and started eating wasabi like nobody's business! Freddie was laughing his head off lah~

And so was Merloin. Aiyo~~~

Sadly, I'm being banned from putting the video taken up. Super funny lah~!

Gerry and Zat joined us then, too!

AH~ My cake's falling~! My cake's falling~!

After all the tear dropping and stomach aching, we went to play pool. Gerry and I sat down at Mac, drink coke, eat fries and chit chat. LOL.

OK. That's about it for now.
Next post will be on Style magazine's fashion show held at ION last Sunday.

Good night everyone!

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