Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Running back to Blogspot!

Hi everyone!
Sorry that my blog has been pretty quiet for the past one month.
As you know if you have been readin gmy blog, I had been blogging over at Puma Motosports last month. I'm not done blogging over there yet as I still have events to share. So do keep an eye here and when I've blogged up my experience during the F1 season, I'll let you know!

Some really cool events I attended like the Red Bull party at Sentosa's Wavehouse together with Dann, Diana and Jaydan. Never heard of the place before? Well, it's new and we got to go there before it was officially opened! It's a really cool place! You MUST go there at least once man~

And also the cool party held by Puma at St. James. The theme was glamourous red. Aint I RED enough?

And also, thanks to Puma, I got to go for a F1 race myself! SUPER COOL!!!


That's me in my Ferrari cap before I went for the race! Yuhu~!

Ok. That's all for now.
Gonna rush out for dance practice for this Sunday's performance already.

See you everyone!

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