Thursday, 22 October 2009

Meatballs falling from the sky!!!

I did not go to work last Monday as I had some matters to settle. I told my boss during my interview that I can only start work on Tuesday already okay~ So my first day of work on Friday was to replace Monday. Anyway...

When I settle that simple matter, I actually went down to Fr3b's office, wanting to collect the stuff for the upcoming blogger campaign BUT! Sway lah~ It's closed. Sian~ Go all the way to Stamford House and it's CLOSED!. Kuku me~

And yes, I LOVE this Puma dress! Wahahahaha!!!

While waiting for Dann, I went window shopping and got my nails done at Mily's at Far East Plaza. I know that many bloggers are like sponsored by them and stuff. Well, from photos and stuff, their nails seem really well done. I would say... alright only... I don't really like the service there. Oh well, I just wanted to get an express manicure while waiting for Dann that cost like $8 max so I went there. I shall stick to the nailz bar at 4th level. Service is like really good and nails are really well done lor~ Even if it's just an express manicure okay~ But one thing, you HAVE to wait. It's usually full! Well, there's always a reason why it's awarded Best Nail Palor by Cozycot okay~

I met Dann for dinner tha evening and I had pasta from pasta mania.

Some new pasta -- bacon cheesy crumble. (Something like that)
NOTE: I had not added cheese at all when photo was taken. It is all the crumble thingy~

It's taste not bad actually~ Just that it's a little bit dry.

I know, it doesn't look nice~

Merloin then joined us for movie, Cloudy with a chance of MEATBALLS!!!


Dann was playing the game when Merloin and I went to buy drinks.

And yes, time for the movie~

The movie is a little brainless but I sure had a good laugh and enjoyed myself LOTS!!! GREAT 3D effects! The only reason I wanna go to Lido to watch movies is because 3D movies are super good there as compared to other cinemas. You should try~

We also had some food after the movie at Cineleisure's Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe before going home. Yum yum~!

Although I didn't get to collect my stuff from Fr3b that afternoon, I got more samples waiting in the letter box for me! Wahahaha~ I've actually been using the other formula for this shampoo for like more than a month already and its really good! You can read my review for it at Cozycot. Will post up a more detailed reviewed on my blog when I have the time. =p

Ok. Gotta go now!
Gotta go prepare to see if I actually get to see a meteor shower!!!

1am everyone!!!
Look out of your window!!!

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