Tuesday, 13 October 2009


An update for the previous Thursday, which is the 1st of Oct, for now.

I got my JC ARCS t-shirt that my dear boyfriend got me the previous night!

No idea what's JC ARCS? WATCH BUZZER BEAT!!!

Anyway... So I was supposed to meet Kathy for dinner that night but I was like super hungry while waiting at home and since my mom bought me the instand soba that I like, I shall cook it!

TADA!!! And this is it!!

And here's how I like my soba to be cooked.

I'll first prepare a big bowl of cold water

To ensure that the water is like super cold (or just as cold as possible) I'll put the big bowl of water into the freezer before I start cooking.

And so here's what there is in that soba packet

I'll then mix the sauce. First pour the sauce pack into a big then mix plain water in. I feel that the amount of water to be poured in stated on the packet is too much so usually I'll just pour a bit then try till it is the way I like it.

And there goes the bowl! To the freezer, too!

When the water in the pot is boiling, put in the noodles.

For me, I'll cover the pot immediately and let it boil for about one minute on low heat.

After one minute, I'll turn off the fire and leave it alone for half a minute or so, to prevent the noodles from being over-cooked.

After that, open the pot and then only I "loosen" the noodles up.

Take the noodles out...

And put it into the bowl of cold water prepared earlier on

I'll pour away the water in the pot, fill it up with more water and put the noodles back into the pot with the newly added water again

While the noodles are in the pot, pour away the water in the bowl and fill it up with cold water again

And yes, put the noodles back into the cold water again!

Dry the noodles...

And place them on a plate!

Yeah! Noodles done! I do sometimes put the noodles in the freezer for like one minute before eating at time. But I was too lazy to do so that day. =P

Take out the sauce prepared earlier on and add in wasabi flakes. Do not add too much oh~!!!

And TADA!!! All done!!!

And what's best? When you have food to eat while watch drama!!! Ah~~~ YAMAPI!!!

No need me to teach you how to eat soba ba~ Put a small amount of noodles into the sauce and slurp slurp slurp them up! Oishii~~~

And here's ME in my JC ARCS T-shirt!!!

I then met Kathy at the bust stop near my house before we went to meet Teck. We then followed Teck to find Darz but organisor of the BBall gang's outing that night was horrible so it ended up that with the 4 of us going KBox. hahaha...

Above photo taken by Kathy. (-_-'")

Teck singing his lungs out before going NS

Presenting my one and only pair of Jordans!!! hahahaha

I left the room awhile to meet Dann and the following photos were taken in my camera when I was not around.

There are 2 more photos taken when I was back after KW joined us. The guys were doing there usual gay stuff. Too obscene to be shown. hahaha...

Ok. That's all for now.
Gonna go sleep already.

Good night everyone!

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