Friday, 23 October 2009


Meow~ The whole internet is like freaking slow and laggy tonight. I guess by the time I'm able to log into my Facebook's Cafe World, all my food will be rotten liao~

Out of a sudden, I miss my Ranka'a apple head again. I am like kinda sad that I just don't get to go and have fun at those Jappy events this year. Like last month, I was not able to go Waseda Shibuya, this Saturday I can't make it for RP's jappy event, both because I have family LUNCH to go to. And next month, AFA!!! I can't go on Saturday cos it's Daniel's wedding day~ meow~ I wanna go on Saturday leh~ Like more happening sia...


I wonder if anyone will recognise me as this year's CAF's Ranka...? LOL

Feel like cosplaying again... Simply because I miss my Ranka's apple head. I mean, ya lah I still have the wig with me cos duh~ it's mine... But I can't wear that green thing out any other day right?


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