Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fashion Show by Style Magazine

Yeah~ Thanks to Puma for the invitation, I got to attend the fashion show held by Style magazine at ION Orchard the previous Sunday. Although I was a bit sad that I had to go alone as Dann was having an important meeting and was unable to go with me. Meow~ Oh well...

There were drinks, alcohol and etc served at the registration area inside ION. Well, I didn't get anything to drink alright~

There was a little showcase for the new Samsung Pixon 12 Mega Pixels at the registration area itself. I actually got a photo fo myself taken using the phone and printed out on a Canon printer for me at that very spot after I registered. I don't have the photo scanned out but I would say that the photo didn't turn out well. It's either the resolution set when the photo was taken was too small or *ahem* some other reasons. Not too sure... So it's up to you to find out loh~

I got to meet the host for the fashion show, Jean Danker.

She's really pretty and nice. Not to mention tall... LOL.

She looks just the same as when I last saw her when I was in primary 6! That is like 8 years ago! Well, we're actually from the same primary school and that fine day she went back to visit so a couple of my friends and I got to meet her and we even got her to watch us practise for teachers' day's performance. I still remember that she told us that the chair part that we did in the dance was too dangerous and asked us to be careful. Guess what? During the following rehearsal after that practice, I fell from the chair and injured my left elbow! =p

Anyway... back to the show.

I went for the Sunday's show which has the programm flow at the bottom.

The stage right outside LV

We were each given this fan which seriously isn't designed to produce any wind at all~!

Oh well, it still looks nice alright~

I saw the other blogger for Puma, MediaCorp artiste (I think) Benjamin there, too.

Okay~ The show is starting!

And yes~ The host for the night, Jean Danker.

Ok. I didn't edit the photos I took at all and I only picked those outfits that either I really like them or they just captured my attention. LOL. Too many outfits lah~

First brand up was Armani Exchange.

I really like this outfit. heehee...

Next, Energie & Miss Sixty

I Love this oufit, too!!!

So Cute lar~!

I feel that this model in the above photo is cute. Don't you think so?

Another pretty cool one~

Yea~ I wonder how many blogshops are gonna copy this style liao~

Next up, Hilfiger Demin.

I guess I really like this model lots. She's cool~

Oh I LOVE this dress!

This one looks pretty cute, too!

Yeah~ The cute guy model, so shuai~

And lastly, PUMA!!!

I think the shirt he's wearing inside looks cool~ Don't LOOK Puma lor~!

I LOVE this pose man~ and LOOK AT THE SHOES!!!

Haha... Nadia and I have the exact same pair! Cute right~?!

OH OH OH!!! I LOVE THIS SWEATER!!! It's like office-wear like but yet kinda sporty at the same time. LOVE IT!!! Meow~ I want one~!!!

Ow man~ LOVE that pair of shoes lah!

And yes~ The really cute guy in black. LOL

C'mon~ Ferrari items are ALWAYS IN lor~

And once again, all the models for the show!

Yeah~ That's all for my short post on the fashion show. I always received discount vouchers and stuff in the goodie bag for the various brands that the show has and some more other stuff.

Well, it's my first fashion show I attended and I really enjoyed it! It's really nice to see how clothes are being mixed and matched and stuff like that.

Thank you Puma, thank you Qian for the invitation!

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