Friday, 2 October 2009

What the what the what the what the~~~~~!!!!!!!

I was just checking my Nuffnang like hours ago before leaving the house to meet Kathy and I found someone hentai person actually Googled "the most fortunate person in the world hentai" and got to my blog! And guess what~

My blog is actually the fifth result found!!! What the~~~

I knew that post of boobs pudding I saw in Japan may bring some weird viewers to my blog but I seriously did not expected my blog to appear as the 5th result! Argh~~~

OK. That's all for this post.
Gonna go sleep soon.
Just got home not long ago after karaoke with Kathy, Darren, Teck and Kuan Wei.

Go orh orh loh!!!
Good night everyone!


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