Thursday, 29 October 2009

Acnes Creamy Wash Review

Hi everyone! Today I'm gonna do a short view of this facial wash that I've been using for the past few days.

Have you ever tried this Acne Creamy Wash before?

Well, for me, I've always wanted to give it a try as I've used one facial wash before which also helps to prevents acnes. The one I used that time like 3 years ago was also a Japanese brand. That brand of facial wash was really good but sadly, I couldn't find it anymore after I've finished using that bottle. So I've always been searching for something similar and as good which not only prevents acne, which can be quite a headache especially when mensus are coming, and also has whitening at the same time.

And Acnes Creamy Facial Wash appeared in the market!

Read... da da da da...

As stated, it prevents acnes, cleanse pores and has vitamin C & E in it!

Although whitening effect is NOT stated at all, but to my knowledge from watching 女人我最大 for years, vitamin C actually is GOOD for whitening! Ah ha~~~!!!

Firstly, this facial wash feels more of a gel kind rather than those cream kind that many other brands sold in the market are. I likey~ It seems cleaner, I guess.

Secondly, which is one factor that I'm very concerned when I decide on my facial products -- smell. I just can't bring myself to apply anything that I feel stinks on my face! Like, why tortued yourself right?! Well, this facial wash by Acne actually smells like lime! Maybe it's because of the vitamin C, I don't know. But yup! It smells not only alright ut actually pretty good!

So ok. To test!

After washing, my face firstly do not feel tight or dry. But in fact, my skin feels soft! Nice~

Oil produced on my face is actually lesser, I would say, over the whole day. Great!


And my face is actually pretty sensitive and till now, I stil have no issues with this acne creamy wash! Very good~~~

But one thing, I'm not very sure if anyone else experienced this or not. On my second wash, I actually literally felt that the pores on my nose are opened when I was washing my face! No idea why~ but that was how I felt.

This did not happened after that anymore though. =p

Overall, I am pretty happy with this Acne Creamy Facial Wash. Believe it or not, the "creamy" part was no kidding! SUPER CREAMY and FOAMY when I washed my face lah!

I've tried it already, what about you?

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