Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My first experience at 天天火锅!

Like I've blogged yesterday night, this post is gonna be on my first experience to 天天火锅 previous Saturday.

I was having fun with Dann's cap before dinner. heehee

Ok. Back to my terrible experience...

I actually actually like quite excited to have dinner there as I've always wanted to like go see for myself what 天天火锅 has to offer.

Firstly, I was like super shocked with the person poured ALOT of oil onto the BBQ tray. Wah~ SUPER UNHEALTHY AR!!!

However, I find it still al~right~ cos they ARE running a business and using oil cuts down ALOT of cost, I know... So forget it. I went off to take some food back for BBQ or steamboat, depending on what they have.

And here's what I came back with

TADA!!! ALOT LOR~~~!!!

There was practically NOTHING to take at all!!! I took the last 2 chicken wings lah! I was like super sadded when I saw no food at the counter lah~ All empty trays with just the chili oil or pepper sauce left in them! That's the reason why I took those crab stick in the end. Super sian~

Then Dann came back with his food.

TADA~ He actually waited for them to take out those chicken wings lah~!

OH MY GOODNESS~~~!!! Buffet with NO FOOD???!!! Ridiculous!

Then we started cooking when everyone was back with their food.

Just LOOK at the amount of OIL!!! Ah~~~!!!

I wonder how long must I dance to burn those unhealthy oil away sia~

So... I didnt really spend my time eating or taking photos as I was like super busy making sure that the food do not stick to the foil thanks to the lousy oil. But then again, I just HAD to take photos and show all of you how horrible it is there lor~!

Dann and his mom just couldn't stand it anymore, Dann's mom decided to go buy butter.

TADA!!! Presenting the super 可愛い butter!!!


Yeah~ And it looked SO much better after we used our own butter!

So yup.. eat eat eat of course the foil with get burnt and it was time to get out foiled "changed"!

Super cancerous lor~

NO you did not see wrongly

WTH!!! They guy just put a new foil OVER the old one leh!!! AAAHHH!!!

Just LOOK at Ban's WTH face! Dann's mom also looked shocked lah!

Oh well, we cooked with it still.

New foil with BUTTER!!!

The guy actually wanted to put oil for us but we totally stopped him!


You see~ Everyone looked so happy after that! LOL

Eating continued until the gas was used up. Time to change gas!!!

And WTH. They person just open the cover, take out the gas can and leave it like that wor~! ARGH~!!! HORRIBLE!!!

Here's Kim Kai with his spicy chicken. I forgot what was that cat doing but look at Ban's face. Giving the WTH face. Must be KK doing something stupid again. Can anyone refresh my memory for me? =p

After some time, it was time to change the foil again. And this time, to make sure that we don't have a 3 foil-layed BBQ tray to use, Dann used his skills that he learnt from Zhen Fa in the past by removing the foil without using his hands (directly).

It was so funny that when he was doing that, everyone around us turned and looked! hahaha... Like as though it's some super skill that not many people can do! LOL

BBQ pig liver anyone?

Now one last thing that ended my meal there with another bad point.

I found this in my veggie and mushroom when I was about to eat them.




I'll NEVER go there again! Plus the price if like crazy lah!

$18.80 for steamboat.
$23.50 for steamboat + BBQ.

Like what the~ Add one BBQ tray most add additional like $5 each person lor~

More money never mind, still nothing much to eat wor~ They only have sprite (mixed with water) served. Then service super duper uper bad! And still got extra FLY in your food wor~


Don't EVER ask me to go there anymore!

It's my first time there and sure will be my last time there!

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