Thursday, 15 October 2009

Heading out!

The previous Sunday, I finally got a chance to go out with Gerry! Although I was just accompanying her shopping for stuff and we didnt get to spend like a lot of time together either, but it still was a very wonderful time spent!

heehee... curled my hair once again. I love curly hair and now that my hair is long enough to be curled, I just can't stop curling them! Wahahahaha~ I dont have money to buy curling tongs, so I just use those curlers that you get for like $2?! hahaha...

For once, I actually wanted to eat Long John's Sliver! If you have read my blog long enough, I'm sure you've NEVER seen me mention that I ate Long John's some day in any of my posts. Not because I just didnt blog about it, but it NEVER HAPPENS!!! I'm a anti-Long-John's person. But I just suddenly have the craving for it when I saw the coupons in my letterbox that morning!

Gerry and her seafood rice

Me and my grilled salmon rice

Surprisingly, they are BOTH very nice!!!

So from that day onwards, if any of my friends are to say that they wanna eat Long John's I will eat with them. EAT THE RICE RICE RICE!!!

So after lunch, we went shopping from Heeren to Takashimaya, to Far East, then Wisma and lastly ION. For once I went out shopping with Gerry, I didnt not buy anything at all and Gerry actually bought more than 2 things which they are ALL for herself! hahaha...

Just before Gerry left to meet her sister, some foreigner went up to Gerry and ask her for directions. The lady, holding a kid which was like around primary 3 I guess, asked for directions to DFS. I walked back to Gerry as I saw her a bit lost face when thay lady asked everything in chinese.

NOTE. The WHOLE conversation was in chinese. So... I guess you should know where the lady came from lah.

First, like mentioned above, she asked for directions to DFS. Very clear cut. So we told her how to get there.

Then she stopped us halfway and asked for directions to 东远大厦(I think). Like seriously, WTH, how many Singaporeans actually know where and what is 东远大厦?! So of course, we stunned a bit, paused a bit, cause DUH~ we have to process what on earth in Singapore is 东远大厦 right?!

So when we paused, she then said 你们不知道东远大厦在哪里啊?! Sounding as though it's super obivious and every Singaporean should know where on earth is 东远大厦!!! Then Gerry guessed if she meant Far East Plaza.

So ignoring the fact that she made us seem as though we're super idiots, she still told her how to get to Far East Plaza. She then insisted on using the road THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN CLOSED to get there. Like WTH. Fine! If you feel that you know Singapore better than a Singaporean then go ahead!!! What for on earth did you even stopped and asked people for directions?! And please lah~ We Singaporeans know places by their ENGLISH names okay~ Bet you ask directions from any other Singaporeans to places in CHINESE like majority won't know lah! Not as if we will know every single shopping centre's or even buildings' names in chinese lah~

Simple ones like Vivo, Esplanade, Nee Ann City all those we know lah. 东远大厦!!! Thankfully Gerry can guess that it's Far East Plaza lor~

Then when we were telling her the directiosn and stuff, her like not-very-young kid keep running around, around and in between us, banging into us lah! And when thay lady finally like gave up, she couldnt find her husband. And still, she did not listen to us and insisted on walking towards that closed road!

Oh well, up to her lah!

So after that, Gerry went to meet her sister and I went to meet my boyfriend and Jae for dinner where OZ joined us soon after I reached.

Had Korean Rice cake. Yummy~~~ I LOVE korean rice cake lor~ hahaha...

After dinner, we went to Plaza Singapura's Mac for some drinks and sundae. We then looked through the photos that Dann took during the paranormal tour we went that was organised by 24Seven.


Creepy ya~~~ We saw some things~~!!!


And still till now, I have not seen the photos that I took that night yet. And even when I'm reading Weijie's blog, I'll skip that post of his lor. I like super scared lah~


On our way home that night, I saw a lady with super eye-catching nail polish on.

Super right~~~???!!!

Ok. That's all for now.

See you everyone!
Sick person shall rest a little more before heading out for Japanese lesson.
Take care!

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