Sunday, 18 October 2009

Different Trix(s)

Went clubbing with Lue, Dann and Daniel cos Lue wanted to experience clubbing at least one before he goes for NS. We joined Gerry, Zat and Zat's friends.

I used this curlers that I bought from Daido after a job interview the previous day.

And here's my look for that night!

Trying to act sexy. I failed, didn't I?

I didn't bring my camera along that night so ya... No photos to share. Maybe I'll grab photos from Gerry and post them in my facebook fan page's album. Can take a look there. The link to the page in on the left side bar. =)

Previous Friday was my first day of work. Yup, got a job already~ Officially announcing my on blog now. LOL. It's not a job I wish to get as I didn't wanted to get an IT job. But oh well... still got one in the end. Currently working as a web developer. 加油! 頑張って!

Super simple makeup on for my first day of work.

Bought snacks on my home way that night. Wahahaha~ I LOVE Super rings!

The following day, Saturday, we had our final dance practice before Sunday's performance. Ah~ No motivation but we still managed to push ourselves for about 2 hours plus of practice.

After practice, all of us just nua (or rather just laze) around till it stopped raining and then only we went to shower.

Here's some photos of me during the nua-ing period.

I seriously wonder if anyone of my Sec 2 class still wears their class-T sia~ I wear like at least once a week for the past 3 years lor~!

Here's my cui dance shoes. Noticed anything weird?

It's a Nike shoes with Adidas shoe laces! Wahahaha! They are both originals. I used the laces I got from the Missy shoes I bought last year as shoes laces for this shoes. White laces are just TOO boring~!

Oh! What am I looking at?!

Hahaha... the beautiful view of our dear school. =P

So after nua-ing, we showered and went down to Bugis where we (Dann, Ban Theng, Kim Kai and I) met Dann's mom there. Dann and his mom got some stuff to do. When everything was done, we then all went for dinner together at 天天火锅.

Post on 天天火锅's experience will be on the next post.

Ok. That's all for now!
Tired already~

The fashion show today by Style magazine was coooool~

Good night everyone!
Sweet Dreams!

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