Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Universal Studios Singapore, AGAIN!

Yeah! Good day everyone!
*Trying very hard to think of a different way to start a post*


Anyways, 2 weeks back, I finally got to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), again, with Gerry! Muahahaha~

And here's Gerry with one of her all sorts of weird expression while we queued to take photo with one of the mascots...

KungFu Panda! Hai~ ya!

I'm just a huge lover of theme parks cos I just love taking thrilling rides!

To me, it's the nearest thing you can feel to death without dying.
*A way of putting for the reason why I love taking thrilling rides*

We walked pasted the pastry shop near the entrance and was lured in by the sweet yummilicious scent!

*OMG~ Did I just used the word "lured"?! So not me!*

And we saw these cutie Sesame Street Cupcakes!!!

*Eat me! Eat me!*

Ok. Gerry and I each got one for ourselves before we left the park that evening.
Ngak ngak ngak~ Fat die us! LOL

And not forgeting, my outfit of the day!

BOTTOM: Cotton On
SHOES: Adidas
BAG: Supreme

Now off to have fun!!!

First stop towards the left was the Madagascar ride!

It's my very first time taking this ride ever since it opened last... May? Or June?

And yea our ride was here!

Frankly speaking I was actually a little afraid of taking this ride simply because the song "We like to move it" gives me headache.

Thankfully the ride ended before my head starts to hurt!

But not for long cos it was time to Boogie!

As we waited to Boogie..

Me: Gerry, I can't open my eyes!

Gerry: We have to think of poses that does not require us to open our eyes!

And it's time to Boogie!!!

So cute that my head didn't have the time to hurt even though the song was playing!

And what many people love about Madagascar~

The penguins!!!

*Don't deny! I know many people love the penguins the MOST!*

Dance dance dance my friends!

Next was Meet and Greet session.

So what? Who first?

Of course it's the penguins!!!

Miss Hippo

Hmmm... He asked me to call him but did not leave me his number.
Should I call USS? Lol~!

Didn't manage to take a photo with the Lion due to the time limit.


Closing dance!

Welcome to Far Far Away!


Too far already.


Shrek 4D Movie!

I seriously think that the water tank or something was refilled.

I don't remember getting like wet wet at the 4D movie!
Got sprayed water at like 5 or 6 times in total instead of 3 times?!

New show available, Sesame Street!!!

Do you wanna be a cowboy?

Well Elmo wanted to!

And here comes Big Bird!

He's tall~~~~

Hi Five!!!

Come I stand here let you take photo.
Faster! Take!!!

Finale dance

Thank you!!!


Next! Transformer!!!

The ride I have been waiting for since back in 2010?

Before USS was even open alright!

Am I lucky or what?

Most rides I took that day were this empty and we didn't have to queue much!

And yeah! AWESOME ride!!!

Gerry's nightmare -- DINOSAURS!!!

I was soaked wat thanks to the Jurassic Park ride.

And like I mentioned, I seriously think that USS either refilled water for all rides or it's maybe because of the rainy season of something.

Water level was much higher and the ride was so much faster than usual, too!

Thankfully I had my wind-runner to protect my bag.
Else I may really have to buy a new camera soon!

Oh look what I found!

A newly hatched Gerrisaur!

And Tsurisaur!

*I know it's a weird expression. Oh well, I was having fun!*

I told you dinosaur is Gerry's nightmare ya?

Who'se mouth bigger?

*Ok. Obvious. I know*

Who's the boss here now!

Yo man!

Gerry sure can life yo~

*Trust me. She really can*

Seriously dude, you need to wash your feet!

Time to head over to Monster Rock!

Time for some Rock 'N' Roll!

After the park was closed, we headed over to VivoCity for dinner!

Our Sesame Street Cupcakes waiting for us!

And to end off this post

Gerry and her disfigured Elmo cupcake

Me and my Cookie Monster cupcake

Yummy yummy!

Yes, fat die us but oh well!

That's all for this post!

See you soon!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. The photos are so cute. <3 Gerry's expressions are hilarious!

  2. For the cupcakes, did they give you guys one box per cupcake ?

    1. They gave us those small paper bags, not box. One bag each cupcake. =)



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