Friday, 7 September 2012

Hong Kong Trip 2012 - Day 4


Yeah! It's Day 4 of my Hong Kong trip!
That's halfway through my trip already!

Outfit of the Day

Top: Nike
Cardigan: New Look
Bottom: Cotton On
Shoes: Native

I headed to 黄大仙 alone as I slept in without joining the guys to go to the temple in the morning.

Here's the food the guys ate without me!

By the time I arrived, they were already having dessert!

Mini egg tarts

Green bean cake (?)

The White bunnies!!!

They are actually made from egg white and coated with coconut shed

And here's the stuff I ordered!

Custard buns

Super yummy!!!

OMG~ looking at these photos made me wanna eat the yam cake again!
Super nice!!!

Ok. This isn't mine but ya. LOL

I wanna eat dim sum!!!

By the way, anyone has nice dim sum to recommend in Singapore?
The place I always go to is now closed. ( T ^ T )

After breakfast, we headed to Causeway Bay!

At Dip Drops Hong Kong!

Opposite was this brand of clothes where EVERYTHING is Hello Kitty!

Sorry but I forgot the name of the brand... #fail

Next! We headed to another shopping centre nearby for...

Agnes B Cafe!

My Rose Latte if I didn't remember wrongly.
The receipt did not state clearly!


Both Itsuki and I got a box of Agnes B chocolate as they were having one for one promo!


I ended up eating most of them cos my bf don't really eats chocolates.

The list

Before leaving Causeway Bay for some street wear shopping, we just had to take some tourist-photos

Us at Times Square.

So typical tourist. LOL

Only bought myself a tattoo leggings that day.

See~ I don't shop implusively! Muahahaha~

New Dove Go Fresh Shower Gel that we got froma roadshow and yea, the bigger bottle was bought by my bf.

Being silly at the hotel before preparing to head out for dinner!

Super simple outfit fot dinner at a Japanese/Korean BBQ place in Mongkok area.

Top: Cotton On
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Bottom: Cotton On
Sandals: Some random shop in Hong Kong

And out for dinner!

Looking at this, I seriously did not understand how did I actually lose weight during my trip in Hong Kong!

Us with my bf's friends in HK

After dinner, they headed to club whereas for me, I headed back to the hotel to get my beauty sleep!

Ok! That's all for this post!

XOXO Tsuriki

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