Saturday, 15 September 2012

Upset, Disappointed

Hi everyone!

Okay~ This is just another post stating down my thoughts.

So early last week, or to be exact it's on the 4th of Sep, my loose powder is running out and I seriously had to time to go shopping for a new one.

Thus I decided to buy online at this particular Korean brand's website here in Singapore after seeing reviews that most people receive their orders within 1-2 days, or at most 3-4 days.

So I thinking "Ok~ Why not? My current loose powder can still last me for other another week."

So I made my order on the night of 4th Sep, which is a Tuesday.

Guess what? The online store closed down just the following day I made my order!

Like... WTF?!

I made my order then you close down the webstore?!

So I thought, ok. Maybe they close it down because their physical shop open a week days later, like LAST WEEKEND!. Wth~

But till now , I have still yet to receive my order!

And yes, I am already ran out of my loose powder... ( T ^ T )
Nothing to use for the past few days...

I then receive an email from their customer service a few days later stating that my order will be delay.

They did not state how much longer do I have to wait or whatever.

So I replied the customer service asking if I could just pick it up at the store instead of waiting for my order to be delivered to me.

Well, no. They told me that my order has been sent out and should reach me like 2 days ago?

Which, no! I still have yet to receive my order!

Super disappointed with their service. The email customer service replied me was like just to entertain and stuff things into my mouth so that I can't say anything.
*That kind of feeling*

So what if you're giving me more freebies like masks and stuff?

I don't use them!

If you have been reading long enough, you should have realised that I do not actually use Korean products other than 2 brands - one for their makeup base, and one for their facial scrub.

I still do not feel like stating the brand of this website yet.

But it's really obvious. It's the brand I use their makeup base from.


Enough of ranting.

But yes, I'm still disappointed in their service.

Ok. But I went down to their physical store yesterday after work and their service is good. So it's just their backend service that is not up the standard.

Enough ranting for now.

Have a great weekend!


  1. they should make a week notice right...

    1. Right? And not just close the following or something..
      Or at least let people know that their store will be opening soon or something~

  2. Horrible service... They close their shop the next day like "thank you for giving us money". Well, in this case it seems they'll send it but you still haven't got anything, right ?
    Ah... that's really an horrible feeling

    1. Ya.. terrible feeling.
      Have been and am still checking my mailbox everyday. (T^T)



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