Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hong Kong Trip 2012 - Day 5


Hi everyone!

And so here is day 5 of the Hong Kong trip in July!

This post is goanna be a long trip with lots of photos so please be patient and wait for the photos to load.

Outfit of the day:
JC Arcs Tee! (Yes it's from the drama Buzzer Beat! Go Yamapi!)
Bottom: Cotton On
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Tocco Tenero

Woke up earlier that day because we were going to Ocean Park!

Before that, we got to have some breakfast!

Ice Horlicks!

Ice Milk Tea

My very small portion of breakfast

And so was bf's LOL

After breakfast, we took the bus from Mongkok to Ocean Park!

Yeah! Theme park here I come!!!

I'm sucha huge lover for theme parks!

I can spend an entire day there even if I'm all alone!
Damn awesome!

And soon, we are here!!!

So Daniel (if I'm not wrong) suggested we do the jump pose

C'mon Itsuki.. this is not the way~
Look at Daniel! Must jump high!

And so did bf and I do the jump pose!

Yes! Itsuki! This is how you do the jump pose!

Map for ocean park!

So while bf went to get out tickets, the 3 of us went off to look at the otter at the entrance!

Yeah~ Good smile!

The entrance to Ocean Park! Yea yea yea!!!

Our tickets! Yesu! I got the dolphin!

And yea we have VIP seating for the dolphin show!

First stop was the gift shop near the entrance!

And I saw this Sharky cap!!!

Fell in love with this cap at first sight so?

Swipe that credit card yo! Heehee~

Be afraid~ Be very afraid~ LOL

Heehee~ Me love my sharky cap!

The guys

Bf and I

After some shopping at the gift shop, it's time to explore the place!

Bf and I

The guys

Going in the aquariam

The guys with the big fish! LOL

Ok not real.

But yea this is!

And many other more!!!

Now look carefully in this photo

You just saw the Hass's Garden Eels!


There! At the bottom on the tank!

More fish as we walk on!

This was just beautiful

All the sharky!

Above my head

It was just beautiful

Spider Crab

Just look at the size of that compared to the little girl standing beside the glass

This photo was just epic LOL

Itsuki advertising for mineral water.

Heading off to Panda area!

Supposed to capture the background of all the panda shops and stuff but...

Ok~ We did see a real panda but just wasn't able to snap a proper shot of it cos..

Just like in Polar Bear Cafe (the anime) the panda was just sleeping.
And all I saw was its butt!

Never mind! We have Panda Mascot!

The weather was super warm so we each got a drink at the Panda snack stand

Coke freeeeeezeeeeee~

Brain freeze but super shiok!

There's now 2 way up the hill.
You can either take a train from the train station

Or you can take the traditional way -- cable car

Looking at the old retro public bus in Hong Kong, we are heading the the Old Hong Kong Street area to take the cable car up the hill!

Feels like I'm in the movies~ LOL

There are also some games along the way

Look at the prize! Bear in Bruce Lee costume!

Or do you prefer the traditional Hong Kong Egg Tarts?

Well I like the sacks of rice the most! LOL

And here we are queuing for the cable car beside 乡公所! Heehee~

Here's our ride!

Let's go!

And our dear Itsuki is afraid of heights

But seriously, you just can't miss such great view!

HAHA~ But Taking photo of Itsuki is equally entertaining

Ok. Back to the view

And soon we are already at the other end of the cable car!

Bf just photobombed Itsuki's photo

Awesome view


The escalator up to all the thrilling rides!

Meet the new penguin mascot!

Sadly the only decent photo of the snow fox. ( T ^ T )

Daniel and the seal

Me with the seal

So who did a better imitation of the seal?

Soon it was time for the dolphin show!

Us waiting for the show to begin!

And like mentioned earlier, we have VIP seatings yo~

Ooooooo~ *In Toy Store LGM tone*

And let the show begin!

So cute~

Don't forget the seals!



Flying Dolphins!

More flying Dolphins!

Super cute lah!!!

After the dolphin show, it was time to take some rides!

Bf and I on the ferries wheel


View from the ferries wheel


Sadly the only roller coaster I got to take that day after the ferries wheel ride cos my back started to hurt again.

Ok. I didn't really take much photos after this point because my camera was flat thanks to the dolphin show. Nya~

Just LOOK at how big the fish was!

And after a long day at Ocean Park, we ended our day with this photo by the 35th Anniversary Sign

Taken on the 小巴 back to Mongkok

Initial D ride sia~

After heading back to the hotel, we freshen up before meeting up again for dinner!

Had dinner at this small family resturant near my hotel

This is so good I have to post 2 photos of it.

After dinner, we walked over to Mongkok for some dessert

The first time our entire trip we actually had to queue for food~

Daniel's Double Boiled Pear

Bf's Almond Paste with Beancurd

Itsuki's Yuan Yang Sesame and Almond Paste with Beancurd

My Sesame Paste with Beancurd


And on my way back to the hotel after dessert, I sinned.

I had Matcha Red Bean Sundae at McDonalds because I wanted to buy more Hello Kitties.

Oki! This marks the end of my Day 5 of HK Trip!

See you next time!



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