Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ashy this Autumn with Shunji Matsuo


Hi everyone!

Yeah I'm finally blogging proper on my new hair colour this time round!

And here's a photo to refresh your memory on my previous two-tone hair colour with Woody Brown and Apricot!

Ready? Bye bye apricot!

Once again I'm getting my hair done by Justin and here is Jayden helping me achieve my new hair colour, again!

She's so nice and yeah! We love winter wear!!!


First! Bleaching~

I once told myself that I should not bleach my hair again for another year or something but seriously I just cannot stand dark hair colour anymore so I'm going back to lighter shades!

After putting the bleach on, to fasten the reaction of the bleach, we added to add heat to the bleach.

Instead of the usual machine that is only about heat, Jayden used steam instead.

This way, the reaction of the bleach could be fasten with the heat but at the same time not be as drying for the hair because of the water in the steam!

My freshly bleached hair

Not a super light shade because I'm not really going for a super light hair colour.

And of course, nope we are not done!

So next step!


The dye looks a bit purplish~ Heehee~

And yes~ Camwhore before my head was wrapper with cling wrap!

Now all wrapped up and to wait for the colour to settle in!

I just couldn't wait to see the end results of the hair colour because of the colour of the dye!

So are you ready?


TADA! Here's my latest hair colour!

What Justin calls it, Smokey Pink Brown.

My ends of the lower half of my hair is lighter because of my light previous colour.

Which I really love! It's generally still the same colour but of different tone!

And that very day, Shunji-san introduced to me the latest feather extension that is now available at the hair studio!

That's so many different types of feathers, I'm so spoilt for choice!

Fancy a little leopard prints?

Or a more simple looking extension?

So in the end I picked the more simple looking extenion that is easier to match with more outfits!

There are also these really colourful feathers that has to be clipped on with the extension beads instead of the normal clips.

It's time for Autumn everyone!

Head down to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studios at Ngee Ann City for a new hair colour for this Fall now!

Ngee Ann City @ Level 5
(Above Kinokuniya)

And also, fans of Shunji Matsuo's Facebook page will enjoy $20 off on all hair treatments (T&Cs apply)!

All you have to do is to click on the Welcome app to fill out a short form to get the voucher sent to their emails.

Shunji Matsuo FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/shunjimatsuohairstudio

Stay pretty!




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