Friday, 28 September 2012

ZOO outing with Himeko!
動物園へ 行こう!


August is Himeko and my birthday month and yes! We are both *ahem* awesome *ahem* August 13 babies!!!

As the Singapore Zoological Garden had a promotion for all August babes that month, we decided to go to the zoo!!!

Yeah complimentary entry for us both!

Nya~ camwhore a little with our tickets. LOL

Candid photo of Himeko.

Just look how awesome her hair colour is!

DIY okay~
Don't play play~

Welcomed by parrots!

Let's go!

As it was raining that day, we had visit the zoo under the shelter of our umbrellas

The otter swimming away


All the cute kids at the zoo that day!

I used to remember them being more pink when I last visited the zoo when I was younger.


I know the photo is a bit over exposed but I have no choice cos that monkey just love being in weird places.

This monkey was more "photo-friendly"

Ok. You shy. I know.

Another over-exposed photo but this time Orang Utan

Soon we found somewhere and settled down to have our lunch!

Home-made onigiri and yaki tamago by Himeko!

Seriously, that was my very first time actually eating something that was "cooked" by Himeko.


As I don't have a proper kitchen currently, I am not able to cook.
So I bought some maki for us to share!


We also had Ben & Jerry's banana split but I'm kinda lazy to transfer the photo from my iphone. So.. please check out my instagram!

Follow me! My userid is quentria! (笑)

So after food~

Seal (I think)

Felt that all the animals at the zoo shrunk!

Look at the full-grown penguin!
It's so small!

Small ponies

Small goats

Not so tall giraffe

Small Warthog

Small molerats

Ok. This is the only photo of molerat that gonna be posted.
The sight of all sorts of rats just disgust me.
Even though I did take some photos of them, I just can't bring myself to look at the photos so let alone editing them on my not so big 15 inch laptop screen.

Just, no.

Perhaps Himeko will post some so you can head over to her blog to see if you want to.

Small Hippo

Himeko trying her best to snap a good photo of an animal.
What is it?

You know what's this?

It's a (or 2) Baboon!

Frankly speaking, the colour of its butt is just so pretty!
Weird, but... it's a fact.

Big nose monkey!


More Big Nose Monkeys

!! That monkey seems to be staring at something!
(Or rather, someone)

Seems like many animals we saw that day were judging Himeko!

Ok. Enough of Big nose monkeys.

Swim swim~

Lion family sleeping

Zebras just reminds me of Mint and her lame jokes when we were at the safari in Indonesia


Just pretty~

Can you name them?


Seriously. Thanks Rhinos~
We came all the way here and you only show us your butts?

No fan-service sia~

Thankfully we managed to wait for this more camera-friendly Rhino to walk towards us from far~ far~ away~

I seriously don't remember seeing peacocks at the zoo when I was young.

In the water...

Another type of hippo that is bigger than the previous one but still, small.

The White Tigers~!

Super sad that there isn't any more polar bears in the zoo anymore!
I was just super looking forward to seeing polar bear, again, lah!


Ok. Gonna end this post here now!
Have a great weekend everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki

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