Friday, 14 September 2012

Random Daily Bits: 映画とカラオケ

Hello everyone!!!

Ok~ It have been a long time since I last blogged on my random daily stuff so here's a short one before I continue blogging on more reviews and (sorry but) advertorials and of course other daily random bits including my Hong Kong trip and Zoo outing with my bimbo buddy Himeko.

Aha! I just started my post with a super long sentence...

So not my style! But oh well...

Last Sunday, it was my off day from work so I brought my mom out for a movie as she really wanna watch the local production 《我们都不完美》.

Outfit of the day

Tank top: Dip Drops
Bottoms: Cotton On
Cardigan: Some japanese brand I bought from Jealousy by Mika Hayashi.
Necklace: Candy Stripper
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Tocco Tenero

(Will be blogging on this handbag proper soon!)

My makeup of the day.

Upper lash:
Decorative Lash Play Sexy #1
Lower Lash: Melliesh #5 (Cut into half)

Cabbed with mommy to the cinema cos it was raining and she was super gan chiong for the movie.

Yea~ Peace sign mommy!

Well, I find the movie very similar to the local drama series 《边缘父子》. Like seriously... Even 李楠星 and Edwin were father and son, again, in the movie.


But oh well, the main thing is my mommy enjoyed the movie so everything is worth it.

After movie with my mom, I sent her home before heading to town for present hunting.

Later that evening, I met my colleagues for Karaoke session in celebration for ShuZhen and Leyi's birthday!

Somehow it feels weird seeing Clara in photos without Himeko cos I first got to know Clara through Himeko and in the past, I only get to see Clara when Himeko is around.


Pretty disappointing cos Hitomi and HuiNing were supposed to join us but couldn't make it at the last minute.

Oh well~ Next time then!

Had a really awesome time with the girls!

Happy Belated Birthday ShuZhen!
Happy Actual Birthday Leyi!


That's all for this post.

Good night!

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