Thursday, 20 September 2012

My 23rd Birthday, 2012

Hello everyone!

Ok.. I have been thinking whether should I blog on my birthday or not this year cos I seriously do not wanna admit that I'm already 23.

But since I received so much love this year, I decided to do just a short post.

Celebration 01: JMD 06 Batch

Had an awesome dinner at one of my favourite places for Ramen 八福丸 with my awesome batch of dancemate since Poly. I can always say that we've been through thick and thin, shed all the tears, sweat and blood together!

Thanks to our inhuman instructor... LOL

Yummy Vanila Fruit Cake they got for me!

Polaroid of me!

Haha~ I look so small in the photo~

Ok. Didn't manage to take a group photo but everything that happened still, and will forever stay in my memory!

Thanks for the Doraemon and Adidas watch!
I was super happy when I saw the Doraemon cos it was the one that Fook Yu wanted to caught for me back in Hong Kong but didn't managed to.

Thank you guys!

Celebration 02: JMD & Adorthymatics

Surprise cakey!

I'm so easily touched I almost cried that night!

Playing with the ribbon on the present ( * ^ ^ * )

And my present!

Thank you all of you for the really sweet Samantha Thavasa wallet!

And yea! Bf and I went shopping for a charm for the wallet the following day and I decided to get this cute Samanatha Thavasa Bear Bear charm!

Celebration 03: Actual Birthday

Initially I wanted to go to Universal Studios to celebrate my birthday but I got lazy that morning and decided to sleep in.

Which was a good thing cos it rained super bad!

So I stayed home and played with Kolvis before heading out for a simple dinner at Billy Bombers with BF.

Buffalo Wings

My Ribs with Fish


And as usual, a cookies and cream milkshake the end off the meal!

Celebration 04: Surprise at work

My colleagues at work surprised me with cakey!

*HUGS* Love you girls!!!

Thank you so so much! Less than three~

Celebration 05: Zoo outing with Himeko

Ok~ The last one isn't really a celebration but yea we both 13 August babies sure had an awesome time at the zoo!

*To be blogged in a separate post*

Ok! That's all for this short and random post.

XOXO Tsuriki

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