Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Photos of 12/10/08

gonna just post up these few photos
then go to bed.
i really need some sleep man~

so here's some photos
out of the hundred over photos that i took
that day after singing contest and dinner
at liang court's mcDonalds.

dann and i took some other crazy photos...
but i think i shall not post them up.
dann is too unglam in them

and here's the guys
playing yu-gi-oh against each other
making me sitting at the table there like some idiot.
so ya...

good thing dann's camera's battery was quite full.

and dann join's in the fun!!!
(above is the just one photo i think he wouldnt really mind posted up)
i supposed so...

and later on
i got bored again
so i cam-whore with the stuff i got
from the goodies bag
gave by the contest organisation.

limited Go Japan Matsuri fan...

animax file...
which after i took one a photo similar to the above one
dann then started taking photos the same way too...

and his photos look freaking freaky lah!


and of course!
at mac,
we drink coke!

i dont know why
but dann just seemed like he didnt want to let me drink his coke
in the photo above.
dont you think so?

too many cam-whore photos...
above is the 十连拍 continuous shots i took
ending with one of the photos
that i like of myself
of the night.

dont i like 熟女 in that last photo?

maybe wrong word used ba...

oh well...
that's all for the night.

good night everyone!
お休み なさい!
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