Friday, 31 October 2008

the born-torture of all female!!!

hey there everyone!
it is such a horrible morning
that i had to drag myself to school.

i just hate being a female at times~

so ya,
i think you know what i meant
and know why on earth did i had to drag myself to school.

argh i hate it!!!

but then again i love it
cause i wont get fat during this period of time
even if i eat more than what i usually do.
but of course,
not too much still...

oh well...

despite all the pain,
school is still cruel.
they just wouldnt let you stay home and rest
even if you're in great pain.


because you do not have a piece of paper to certify that you're in great pain
while having your period.


sometimes i really wonder why dont guys get to experience what we female experience?
isnt that unfair?

you can say
"but girls no need to serve NS arh..."

but hey look,
NS isnt born in you!

it's not like you will be in the army,
every weekday in the army,
weekend book out,
for the rest of your life once you receive the "sweet love letter" from the government!!!

and when is the minimum you receive your letter?

female start their torture from as young as 10?!
can you imagine what we have to go through every single month
for around a week's time!?

but then of course,
there are lucky women out there that dont have to receive such pain
every single month...

some (including me) will feel that they are lucky,
they themselves might not.
and of course,
maybe it's also not good for them in the view of doctors.

people out there that doesnt have to receive such pain every month,
how about you telling me
whether you feel lucky?
or not?


if i have a webcam now,
or if my dear mobile does not make a noise when i take photos,
i'll show you how am i "resting" while doing my work.

i put my head resting on my water bottle filled with warm water
which i've almost finished it,
trying to relax my body even though i have to remain in a sitting manner on the chair.
and by legs freaking ache lah!

oh ya!
that's another thing i hate about periods.

your whole body aches like mad
and you can do nothing about it.
especially the legs!!!
it's like even though you're resting,
lyind down on the bed,
your legs just seem not able to relax.

out of a sudden,
your whole body just totally forgets the whole idea of relaxing!!!

and if you still have go up the stairs...
you really feel as if you're really using all the energy you have
just to finish that few steps that you walk so easily
when you're not having your period

( -_________________________-'")


hate periods!
it just makes everything consist of the taste of blood!!!
(or at least for me)
even plain water has bloody taste~

there's like so many other horrible things when period comes lor...

you get outbreaks!
even if you have born-beauty skin,
you'll STILL GET PIMPLES!!!!!!

and what else?

you cant eat nice stuff like ice cream,
cold soda,
beancurd (dou hua),
soya bean milk,
grass jelly,
pineapple etc etc
when it's like the best time to eat as you wont really get fat even after eating them.


cause they are cold!!!

the beancurd, soya bean milk, grass jelly and pineapple may not be literally cold,
but to us chinese,
they are food that will cool you body the inner whatever thingy
which will make you feel bad after eating them.

also sian...
also cannot eat mah...


so at this point of time,
what do i eat?


dont blame me if i just wanna eat them.

chocolates is a heaty food so you dont have to worry about having cramps again after eating them.

you dont really get fat during your period.
just eat lah!
but of course, again!
dont eat too much!!!

well come on...
how many woman out there dont at all crave for chocolates during this period of time?
it's like just a small percentage only~
to think that you're normal and just like anyone else,
just get maybe 3 small packets of chocolates
and settle your craving!
but hey hey hey!
i did NOT say finish that 3 packets at a time okay?
eat a packet a day,
starting from the first day of period
and after the third day,
you wont crave for it already.

plus, there's always the second reason for you to eat for just this three days.

but then again,
all these just works for me.
not sure what effects it will give others if you do what i usually do...


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