Tuesday, 14 October 2008

tick tock! tick tock!

1024th post...

the time now is 12.45pm.
it's my lunch break alright...
but i seriously dont feel like eating.

i dont want to be eating lunch alone.

dont really feel like walking... but actually,
but yet i have to walkeating lunch alone is still alright for me.
cause its like freaking cold in hereespecially these few days
my body just cant stop shaking sia~where eating lunch for people
and my fingers are like numb numb already...will still let me feel as if i'm eating lunch alone.
i can see my hands' colour changing...
meow~they will be playing their psp,
cannot really feel my finger tips already...talking about yu-gi-o,
=ptalking about magic cards,
and all i can do is eat.
ah~~~ eat eat eat.
though one said that he would come to school and accompany me
roar~eat lunch with me.
why do i have to be at this lab~however in the end it just feels like
IN BLOCK S!!!!one come there to play yu-gi-o with one
argh~and very shun bian
here air-con free one lor!just eat lunch with me.
freaking cold then still cannot adjust temperature~!
and now that today is the last chance
meow~that one can have lunch with me
on such a normal weekday
i so ke lian~one didnt come.
i dont know why...
haiz...but these few days whenever i see one turning with one,
today dont really have thei just feel sad,
wanna chiong project feelingangry,
just keep thinking that i'm feeling freaking coldlonely
*shocked*and etc...
i just turned and look at my handit's a very complicated feeling.
i can see red veins liao!which i myself just cant find an exact word to describe it.
one promised to send me home for a long long time.
sia lah~however,
will my blood flow get affected sia~?as many things comes along,
meow~many things happened,
one always didnt send me home
the whole day hereeven just to the mrt station only.
can only will think of 3 things lor...
1. projectone decided to send me back last night.
(obiviously...)and of course,
2. the cold temperaturei'm happy!
(cause it's so cold you cant type properly...)BUT!
3. i wanna go toilet!!!one wanted to ask one to follow
it's like so coldthen they take the train back together.
that i keep going toilet lor...
meow~i dont understand...

and the toilet is like mostly washingwhat am i these few days,
whenever i am the those super urgent kind.these few weeks?
sorry if i make anyone feel uncomfortable.it's like i'm not even better than some game,
=psome machine,
some paper.
and the thing about BLK S,
whenever one toilet is washingseriously i've thought...
almost all the other toilets are washing too.
so i always ended upwhy not you just come back and find me
walking to BLK A to use the toilet.when your yu-gi-o craze is over?
meow~i dont wanna be just sitting there
*thinking of toilet...*like some non-living thing.
*i wanna go again liao...*
lol....one always say i waste his time
when i get one to do some things
tomorrow will be wednesday...or go some places.
boring wednesday...
cause i cant fine anyone to eat lunch with mebut have one ever thought that i am feeling
lol...is the same everytime this happens?
jess and zhi hui no lesson sia~
meow~i also have things i wanna do,
anyone avaiable tomorrow for lunch?better to do.
i can use the time to sleep,
hmmm....recharge for my lack of sleep ever sinced july last year.
though i'm thinking of food now...
i still dont really wanna eat.i'm tired already...
not hungry.physically,
it's kinda weird these few days.
at times i feel super hungryi know this road is hard...
but when i start eatinghowever,
i'm like full after 2-3 mouths only!i believed that you will always be there beside me,
hmm....holding my hand if i tripped over some rocks.
is there something wrong with me?but was it just me holding on to your hand
i dont know...and not the other way round?


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