Friday, 17 October 2008

complicated feelings day -- 16 Oct 2008

hey there everyone...
i'm bored...
and as li jin isnt coming to school to have lunch with me,
i'm all alone again
and again...
i dont feel like eating.

anyway i did ate bao just now...
so i guess it's alright.
i shall go and eat later when i'm hungry ba.

yesterday i met jess and zhi hui for lunch.
it's really been a long time sia~
we went to north canteen for lunch
and we met a bunch of horrible people.

imagine that there's 3 tables joined together,
we found seats at the 3rd table
and jess and zhi put their bags down on 2 of the 4 chairs there
before we all go and get our food.

i was queuing for the malay food
so ya...
i saw the whole story.

when i was queuing,
i saw a group of people,
around 4 people,
they went over to the table
they talked among themselves
and somehow asked the guy queuing in front of me if they are sitting there
(something like that)
2 guys shifted zhi's and jess's bags
to the other 2 chairs of that table their bags were at,
to the end of the table.
and they just sat down.

slowly i saw more people joining them.
and soon it's my turn to buy my food.
and when i got back to the table,
i found jess's and zhi's bags on one chair
placed in the middle of the walkway at the table.

i told the person there that we had already put our bags there all ago
and this girl just kept saying that they were already there long ago too,
and that there bags were there long ago too.
but the thing is that when we got that,
that table was empty.
like what the....FREAK!
soon jess and zhi came back with their food,
the zhi decided to just move away.

it's like so freaking horrible lah!
all these people!

and the problem is that i saw the table behind,
that 3 tables behind empty when the 2 guys were still discussing among themselves lor!
and that girl in white came after we left our things there.


horrible people~
sad to say,
but i've encountered horrible people before in mac.
but this is just freaking worst lah!

i thought only people from certain places will be like that.

and when we finally walked away from the table,
a girl said "sorry" very unsincerely.


other than whatever that i've blogged above,
lunch was great.

and yesterday after fyp,
i didnt meet dann after school
as he ended work later...
plus travel blah blah blah...
mind as well...
so i went wondering around myself.

walked to amk hub after passing my supervisor my work.

so as i was walking,
i was deciding what should i do...
so i've decided to get some sushi
then go to the cinema.
if there's anything that i wanna watch,
then i shall catch a movie myself.
actually thought of asking jin to join me.
but in the end,
i still ended up watching alone.

so when i got there,
a poster caught my eyes!

this is one of the few movies that i wanna watch.
and just nice it was released yesterday,
and the next movie is only like 15mins away,
so why not?

though many people tell me
that nowadays hong kong movies arent very nice
blah blah blah...
i still like to watch them.

i still havent watch connected...!!!
i wanna watch...~~~!!!

i've watched quite a few versions of 梁祝,
like the movie wu qi long acted,
and also show luo zhi xiang drama series etc...
but when i watched this movie,
it did feel a bit weird.
it's like watching hana kimi (hua yang shao nian shao nui)
but only that ella has being changed to ah sha,
and that the setting is in ancient china
instead of ying kai xue yuan.


for people like me that likes 梁祝
this is one movie that gives a new feel to it.
it started of funny
and i mean that the whole cinema laughed hard that kind.
then with the lovey dovey feeling.
wu zun's fighting scenes were nice.
(his hard works sure showed results)
then ended sad like a normal 梁祝 story.

and the plus point to this movie,

"hua chi"-ing...

when i got home,
i just heard the news that my current house has to be sold in 2 months.
where will i be in jan?
i seriously dont know...

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