Wednesday, 30 August 2006

wu liao de wo

I'm bored alright...
saw tis survey thingy on jess's blog...
mind as well copy paste and do...
since i'm bored ma huh.

1.Full name: Trixy Mok Zhi Qi
2.Name backwards: iQ ihZ koM yxirT
3. Meaning of name: Happiness
4. Nickname: Tweet, Tweety Bird, Xiao Trix, Xiao Q, etc etc...
5.Screen name: *-,._.,-*'^'~*-,._.,-*~> Blue Rose <~*-,._.,-*~'^'~*-,._.,-* breakfast wif Milk & Trix
6. D.O.B: 13 August 1989
7.Place of birth: Tan Tock Seng Hospital
8. Nationality: Singaporean
9.Current location: Toa Payoh
10.Star sign: Leo
11.Religon: Christian
12.Height: 160cm *aimed height!*
13.Weight: 48 kg
14.Shoe size: 4
15.Hair color: Brown, alittle black
16.Eye color: Dark Brown
17.Who do you look like: Xu Meng Zhe? *I come from the rubbish bin*
18.Innie or outtie: Depends...
19.Lefty or righty: Righty
20.Gay, straight, bi or others: Straight
21.Best friends: Kathy, Li Jin, Ign, Alvin
22.Best friends you trust most: Kathy, Li Jin
23.Favourite pals: Kathy, Ign, Alvin, Zhi Hui, Jessica, Eugenia
24.Best friend of opposite sex: Ign, Alvin
25.Best buddies: Kathy, Li Jin
26.Boyfriend or girlfriend: DaDa
27.Crush: **above** Qn 26.
28.Parents: ... *hard to decide*
29.Worst Enemy: hmm... my mom. *lolx*
30.Favourite online guy: Edmund
31.Favourite online girl: Kathy
32.Craziest friend: who's normal?
33.Advice friend: Kathy!
34.Loudest friend: Michelle!
35:Person you cry with: quentria... Kathy
36.Any sisters: Jac Jac
37.Any brothers: None
38.Any pets: Ninji and Turtle i guess...
39.Any disease: Total Blackout
40.Pager: anyone still usin one?
41.Personal phone line: **private**
42.Phone: Panasonic
43.Lava Lamp: I dont mind having one
44.Pool or hot tub: BOTH!!!
45.A car: None
46.Your personality: Act Blur, Unstable.
47.Driving: A Definet No No
48.Room: Yup, with my Tweety, Teddy, Doggy(s) and Catty
49.Whats missing: Space
50.School: Nanyang Poly
51.Bed: Single
52.Relationship with parents: Undefined
53.Believe in yourself: Depends
54.Believe in love at first sight: I guess so...
55.Good listener: Yup, i think...
56.Get along well with parents: Not really...
57.Save e-mail convos: Yup
58.Pray: Yup
59.Believe in reincarnation: No... ba...
60.Make fun of people: Depends on who
61.Like to talk on the phone: Not really... *except for some people only*
62.Want to get married: Yup
63.Like to drive: I dont think so
64.Motion Sickness: Nope
65.Eat stem of broccoli: Yes
66.Eat chicken with fork: Ya
67.Dream in color: Totally!
68.Type with your fingers on home role: ??? what do that means ???
69.Sleep with stuff animals: my Teddy!!! *sometimes...*
70.Next to you: Right now? my mickey cap and a chair
71.On the walls of your room: Posters, Photos, Autographs etc etc...
72.On your mousepad: mouse?
73.Dream car: None
74.Dream date: A really sweet one... *dont ask me to type out*
74.Dream honeymoon spot: Not too sure... Rome? Paris?
75.Dream husband or wife: =)
76.Bedtime: OTOT
77.Under your bed: The floor? Dust?
78.Single most important question: ??? what ??? come again ???
79.Bad time of the day: Time to wake up i guess
80.Your worst fear: C****Y
81.The weather is: It's night... warm...
82.Time: 12:25AM
83.Date: 29th August 2006
84.Best trick did on someone: Not sure... *can someone tell me?*
85.Theme song: hmm... gen zhe gan jue zou
86.Hardest thing about growing up: I have to accept many facts that I dont even wanna face
87.Funniest experience: None sure yeh...
88.Scariest experience: Anything to do with C*****Y
89.Silliest thing you have ever said: ... *hmm... let me think about it...*
90.Most desperate and funniest thing i have done to get the opposite sex : er... confess? and then walk off? does this count?
91.Scariest thing while you are with your friends: Priya scaring me and wan qi with C****Y
92.Worst feeling: Empty, Lost, Unwanted, Forgotten
97.Best feeling in the world: The total opposite from what mentioned in QN 92.

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