Wednesday, 8 October 2008

AVA to test animal feed, pet food for melamine content

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Agri—Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is more than halfway done with testing food samples for traces of the industrial plastic, melamine.

Of the more than 2,200 samples, 1,450 have been tested. Moving forward, the AVA said it would expand its test on animal feed and pet food.
Some pet owners may not be aware of this, but pet food such as doggie treats contain milk and some ingredients used are from China.
While industry estimates put the proportion of China—made pet food at about 5 per cent of total market share, retailers whom Channel NewsAsia spoke with are not taking any chances.
Even though the AVA has not issued any advisories on pet food, one company has stopped the import of a doggie treat that is manufactured with China—made milk. It estimates a five—figure sum loss but said it would rather play it safe.
The last time reports surfaced on melamine—tainted pet food was in March last year when there was a massive recall of China—made pet food in the US. Thousands of cats and dogs were reportedly ill, and hundreds more were said to have died from eating the tainted food.
In fact, since the melamine fallout in the US last year, one company has stopped selling pet food made in China.

click here to see the full news report on Yahoo! News.

this china's milk product thing is like so freaking scary lah~
not even human food products are affected,
now even pet food...

hope all these things will end soon...
i miss my chocolates!!!
it's like everytime i go buy snacks now
i'll have to read super detailed on where the product is produced
and some other stuff.


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