Saturday, 18 October 2008

day out! wahahahahaha

this morning i dragged myself out of bed
and went down to the ICA building
to collect my passport.
all my fault that i didnt check properly
what do i have to bring last week.
i didnt bring my old passport~~~
so i had to go down another time,
which i chosed today.
*if not my mom will nag nag nag everyday*

so i went down,
took my queue number
and went for breakfast
as there were like 300 people before me!!!

so i walked to army market
folowing the path that dann brought me last week there.

so i got there
and wanted to eat the lor mee that dann ate last week
cause it looked soooo goooood!!!
when i reached there,
i saw alot of people in front of that stall.
at first i thought they had a long queue
it's because of some filming going on...
and ya...
they are not opened for the day.

so i bought some 水粿
and ate super slowly.

after around one hour from the time i've gotten my queue number,
i walked back.
and soon after i've reached the ICA building
it was my turn


so after i've collected my passport,
i went to school.
'see' the singing discussion go on
while the GST chating again FINALLY!!!
it's really been a long itme sinced we can just sit down
and have a good chat.

so after their singing discussion for open house,
worried ar...

we went down to mac for lunch
and all of us ended up sitting down on a long table
including jia hui and the juniors.

it sure is more comforting to see more juniors turning up for practise.
though sok hiang did ask bryan and i
if we were to want to perform for open house.
but for me...
i stand my point that i would only perform singing
if they really need me
and i will not be performing dance this time round.

as for dance for me now,
i will only be joining adorthymatics's practises.
i state here that unless our vice-head takes his responsibilty seriously,
i will NOT turn up for jmd dance sessions.

super angry at THAT CAT!

so after lunch,
dann and the guys went to play basketball
whereas gerry and i just sat at the area outside clubroom
talking from health science topic,
to friendship,
to game,
to even my family issue.

but then again,
i always enjoy talking to gerry.

oh well...
she is our ah ma~

i left school around 5pm,
and made my way to my dad's house for dinner.

ever sinced my dad is unwell,
he has never cooked before.
so today is the first time!
though my dad cant eat,
and dont feel like eating either,
he still cooked for all of us,
he still cooked 'blindly' for us.

and why do i say cooked 'blindly'?
cause he cant test taste the food as he cook.
everything dont taste the way it's supposed to taste like
to my dad.

we had cream of cauliflower soup,
some italian bread,
salad with wasabi dressing,

sauteed mushrooms,

and some green apple baked pork.

it's not the best that my dad had cooked
but sure is great having my dad to cook again.

after diiner,
we just sat down and watch chupacabra together
then exorist: the beginning on channel 5.

as my dad cant really hear properly,
he was busy reading the chinese subs
which is certainly cant read as fast as me.

so came home...

i just got to know somethings.
and i really wonder how much difference is there
between a girl's and guy's thinking.
and when one is actually spending time,
quality time with another,
how well can one actually see facts that would never change
but change totally after things had happened.

some people are so...
but well,
sad to say,
i'm happy for my friend for making that choice.

if some people just couldnt think
or undertstand you,
then just let it be.

彼は 最低です!
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whatever that i've blogged above are all my own opinion of my world currently.

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