Tuesday, 1 May 2012

8 Years, 4 Day & counting...

Hi everyone!

Well, I was just looking back on my old post and realised that my very first blog post was posted on 27 April in Year 2004. That means I've been blogging for 8 years and 4 days exactly already!

*Insert applause*


Many a times I have readers asking me what made me wanna start blogging and etc etc...

So since I just realised that I've actually been blogging so so long ago today, I thought why not talk about my blogging journey?

In Year 2004...

I got to know of such a thing as "Blog" actually in around year 2002 - 2003 from my Primary school friend, Geraldine, as it was like the new thingy online and that's how some of my friends got to know what's going on with everyone else after we split our ways in my Secondary school life.

I didn't want to start a blog then as I always feel that a diary is something personal and I do not wish to put it online where everyone else can read it. So I didn't start a blog till in 2004.


Simply because I keep losing my diaries (book) and buying new ones is just different.

The old "entries" are just no longer there.

So ya, I decided to finally start my very own blog BUT still keep a diary.

My blog was really my daily journal where entries are SUPER lame and somehow encoded to my own language and slang cos I really feel that my blog should be for myself to read only.

But I guess after all this stuff, my entire class (almost) still reads my blog everyday and close friends started to decode my blog posts. (-_-)

Anyways, here's a photo taken in 2005 on my very last day of lesson of my Secondary 4 year.

Well... The photos were taken using my phone then.
Panasonic XXX Model.

*Sorry, it was soooo long ago that I can't remember what model is it.*

But still, this just goes to show how long ago this model of phone is thus *ahem* shows how old am I already...

In Year 2006...

Slowly, not only does my blog consist of lame, boring, useless daily random posts, I started posting on things I like.
(e.g, ARASHI! And loads after loads of Japanese Dramas I was watching then and etc.)

Plus, works I did for projects in school and stuff.

Well, my blog also helped me convey messages to my friends and family as I'm seriously not a person whose good at words when talking.

In Year 2009...

This was the start to my "Blogger" life, a person part of the social media (somehow).

I was invitied by 24Seven to my very first Blogger Event.

You can read the blog post on my very first blogger event @

*WARNING: I look VERY different okay?!*

It was the very first time I got to meet Nadnut, Jayden, LadyIronChef, Esther Xie and many other more!

Not forgetting 2 very important people Claudia and Diana!

Also, because of this very event, I started using my Twitter account again after abandoning it for like... almost a year?

Slowly within the year, I started sharing on (still) the random things I do from day to day to my shoppings, movies I watch and got my very first chance to do my very first Tech Review!

Samsung Beat DJ M7603 Review @

And of course events after events where I got to know even more people, made a lot more friends like Sidney, Weijie and Aandric!

Sentosa 4D Magix Outing @

In Year 2010...

Started my life being a Gyaru this very year!

I finally decided to just do what I want and ignore all the stares of people on the streets who simply do not dare to be different and just be themselves. So.. ya!

Had filming and interview with MyFatPocket.com for their Japanese month, too!

And my very first time meeting Shunji Matsuo himself at his wig launch event!

Shunji Matsuo Wig Launch Event @

With the prettiest Fidelis!!!

In Year 2011...

Had a really awesome start off for the year with filming with NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV!

東京カワイイTV撮影 - ①

Had interview at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio during the filming with Clara AKA Dblchin, too!!

東京カワイイTV撮影 - ②

Because of this 2 days filming, I got to not only meet 2 authentic Japanese Gyaru Models ライ姉ちゃん and 麻衣子ちゃん, I also got to make a friend who loves Gyaru fashion, Nabihah-cyan!

Not only that! In this very year, last year in fact, I made more friends who are into Gyaru fashion and they are none other than Michiyo and my bimbo buddy Himeko!

The Evil version of 13 August baby, Himeko.

Worked with Michiyo for a Roadshow for 2 days!

Not forgetting working at MMK @ Shokutsu10!

And of course, The youngest blogger friend I have, Yijing.
*I'm always reminded how old I am whenever I'm with her. Haiz....*

1-to-1 Makeup Lesson for Mint!

Ok.. I think I'm getting off topic.

But ya, here's roughly (plus alot of side tracks) of my blogging journey so far.

I shall end my long-winded post here now.
I look forward to my 10th year of blogging, my 15th year, my 20th year and so on so forth.

Hope that you will be part of my journey of life on my humble blog so as long as my blogging life goes!

Good night everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Aww I loved this post! It's so nice seeing your blogging journey >v<

  2. Wow! You have blogged for so long~ Very impressive!

  3. This was actually really interesting! Its shows your progress, :)~ oh yeah, i was wondering what camera you use?

    1. Hi! I'm currently using an Olympus E-PL1.



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