Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Colour is Siclament
@Shunji Matsuo

Hi everyone!

Finally blogging proper on my new hair colour!
By now, it has already faded to a lighter shade but ME STILL LOVE IT!

So to refresh your memory, here's my previous hair colour.

My gradient hair colour

And boo~ black roots!

So goodbye gradient from dark(er) brown to blonde hair

And hello colours!!!

I mentioned before that I wanted to get turqoise for my next hair colour BUT!
as you can see...

After a long discussion and art and craft session with my stylist of the day Justin, we are not able to achieve the correct turqoise I wanted (which is like Big Bang TOP's hair, or if you do not know, something like Vocaloid Miku?)

So we tried out lots and lots of other colours before I could decide on the colour I want!


YES. I said lots didn't I?

After an hour of discussion and analysising of my hair condition and etc etc, I decided to go with this colour --

( ~ si-cle-ment )

It's not exactly pink, nor is it exactly purple.

It's a mixture of both!

I would say... a more pinkish purple?

YES, the base is purple, not pink.

Yea! Finally time to get my new hair colour!

Notice something?
For once when I went to do my hair, my table is somewhat empty!

That's because my bag was in the locker!
*Locker key on my left waist*

Yes, I MUST camwhore a little.
You know it... Don't you?

First step to my new hair colour, BLEACH.

Had to bleach my bottom layer of hair again to even out the tone.

There's 2 different bleach used, one stronger and one more mild.

The stronger bleach for the roots of my hair and the mild one for the rest of the bottom layer of my hair.

Justin carefully bleaching my hair

Hi Bleach! We meet again! Lol~

Freshly bleached hair.
Step 1 done!

Now for Step 2..

Hello Siclament!

Frankly speaking, the dye looked pretty scary then... LOL

Lalalala~ Super couldn't wait for the end result!

Wrap wrap

Next while the siclament dye settle in, it's time for Step 3, a cooler tone of brown for the upper layer of my hair!

And now for the end product!


Super MAD LOVE!!!

Why didn't I get such colour earlier?! Why?!

Tempted? Go get your hair done at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studo @ The Heerens now!

I strongly recommend you to request Justin to do your hair for you!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Love that hair color!!!! Wow!!!

  2. How much did it cost? (If you don't mind answering!)
    I'm thinking of going there to do my hair when I'm in Singapore for a holiday. >_<

    The new colour looks good on you, by the way.

    1. Hi! For amino colour, it would be $100 for short length, $120 for medium length and $138 for long length.
      Thank you! (^^)

  3. Oh wow your hair looks beautiful! I love the colour on you, and i honestly think you got better results with this shade, as opposed to what you would have ended up with the turquoise colour. :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  4. Love the colour ADORE THE STYLING!
    you look AWESOME <3

  5. Your new hair colour looks awesome <3



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