Wednesday, 30 May 2012

3-in-1 Protection from Hada Labo

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Hi everyone!

Ok~ Another delayed post cos I'm just waaay too busy everyday with work and etc etc etc yada yada yada...

If you have been my blog long enough, I'm sure that you would know that I am a HUGE fan of Hada Labo products and yea I'm now going to talk about their (not so) new (already) product -- Sunscreen!


You may be thinking "aiya~ I everyday stay indoor during school/work, no need sunscreen lah~"

Bu bu~! You're wrong!!!

On your way to school/work, you will STILL be exposed to the sun, isn't it?

And also, please don't tell me your school/work place do not have windows and sunlight do not shine in at all!

They do right? So yes! You need sunscreen to protect your skin, too!

So yes! With the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising UV Milk SPF 50+++, you will be fully protected be it whether are you gonna be indoor sitting near a window or walking outdoor under the sun as it comes with SPF 50+++ protection!

This sunscreen is gentle enough to be applied on your face, neck and body daily!

And seriously, SPF 50+++ is more than enough for daily use!

PLUS! This sunscreen has UVA and UVB protection so you do not have to be worried about futher skin problems or even getting tanned!

Personally, when I choose a sunscreen, it MUST have UVA and UVB protection or I will NOT purchase it!

It's the truth!

Like the title of this post stated, this sunscreen is 3-in-1.

And yes! Second goodness of this sunscreen is none other than what Hada Labo is famous for -- Hydration.

With this sunscreen, your skin will be hydrated at the same time unlike other brands' of sunscreen which may actually dry your skin!

After all your skin-care routine and etc, layers after layers, you can now cut a step before applying your makeup as Hada Labo sunscreen works also as a makeup base!

As the sunscreen is being absorbed quickly and does not leave your skin sticky, you wouldn't have any problem with applying your makeup after that!

I just LOVE this sunscreen lots!

You can get your very own Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising UV Milk SPF 50+++ at Watsons at only $19.90 per bottle!

Do check out and like Hada Labo Facebook Page for more information,updates, upcoming free sampling campaign and giveaways!

P/S. Photos were taken at night after my long day of work and manicure.
See! My makeup still stayed on so nicely, not oily at all!


  1. I agree, can't buy a sunscreen with only UVB because UVA is way more damaging :o I wanna get hands on this soon ^_^ Awesome review!

  2. Great review!

  3. Summer is here~ So sun protection is so important!

  4. hi there, i'm also a HUGE fan of Hada Labo!! well i'm a newbie in Hada Labo fan club!:D
    i really2 want to purchase the Hada Labo SPF 50+++ but i still don't know where to find it in jakarta, Indonesia
    if u have any clue or any idea of where to get it cuz i've been scratching around everywhere and still get zero result.or is it possible to send it from where u lived, :D it would be such a Heavenly thing for me,pleaseee reply n thank u!!!



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