Monday, 7 May 2012

Scram you b*tch!

Hi everyone!

Sorry but being kinda vulgar cos this b*tch just got on my nerves AGAIN!!!

So this morning I was having a great rest on my peaceful off day and when I finally woke up, I saw this email sent to me.

Yes! This bloody b*tch re-appeared!!

Last year around March / April period, this b*tch was harrassing Mr. A who was Miss B's boyfriend then.

*Sorry but I feel that it's not nice to mention names so I'm just gonna use initials.*

So when Miss B found out, she was damn freaking pissed off and tweeted that this Hui Ling girl was harrassing her boyfriend Mr. A.

My friend Miss C saw her tweet and checked out the profile. Then she saw this photo of MINE on that b*tch's profile.

Well, to be honest, many people, including Miss C, couldn't really recognise that this photo is a photo of me as I've really changed since 2010.

If you don't believe, you can check out the original post of mine having this photo posted in it:

*Side note, I did NOT go for an cosmetic surgery before!*
*Yes, I've received such questions on FormSpring before*

So Miss C came and ask me if that profile photo is a photo of mine. And yes, IT IS A PHOTO OF ME!

After that, Miss C told Miss B that this b*tch used a photo of mine as a profile photo. OK~
Miss B kinda knows me, too, so she delected all related tweets after knowing that this b*tch is impersonating me.

And yes of course my friends and I reported this b*tch last year.

After reporting, she disappeared for a moment. I thought that she's like gone gone so I didn't bother to check back anymore.

Apparently this b*tch just DOES NOT give up!

She's back using this very photo of mine again as a profile photo to carry on her horrible acts online!

What's wrong with this person?!

Is really making so many couples to break up that nice, that fun?!

What's wrong with you?!

Go get a life!!!

Just because you are not happy enough with your life, don't cause pain and disturbance to others!

Here's the link to her FB profile:

Please help me to report her!
Thank you very very much!


  1. Lol wtf some people can really be so bo liao -_-" haiz this type of people are freaking annoying

  2. eww! that's horrible!!! i hope you find this person and get rid of him/her soon!! :/ sorry to hear such things happen!



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