Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Jakarta Day 3 - Ayu Ting Ting

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Hi everyone!

So since my camera has been sent for repair, again, I'm not able to continue flooding all of you with product reviews so I shall continue on my Jakarta Trip last year!

I know I mentioned this many times before but still I wanna thank Jakarta Tourism Board for inviting Mint and I over!

Before I continue with this post, I wanna state that all photos with watermark is credits to Mint. I know tha watermark is wrong simply because I watermarked them with the wrong watermark and am too lazy to re-edit all the photos and watermark them all over again.

So... ya...

Day 3

Wanna start this post with yummy food to make all of you hungry!!!


Ok, just kidding.

It's simply because as responsible bloggers (Mint and I) staying at Pan Pacific Sari Hotel, we must cover one of the most important part of your stay at the hotel which is the buffet breakfast, right?

So here you can have your western breakfast with bread and sandwichs

Bread-lovers like me, RESIST yourself!!!

Or how about some cereals with milk?

Many flavours of yogurt to choose from

Cheese counter

One of my favourite -- Omelette counter!


Malay style with Kuay Teow Goreng, Nasi Goreng and many more!

There's also Chinese style with porridge and some dishes, too!

But that very morning, I had Japanese style food for breakfast!

Gohan (Rice), Miso Soup, Nattou, Seaweed, Sweet Tamago and some pickles!

I just LOVE this yo~!

My second time in my life eating nattou!

The first time was during my trip to Tokyo when I did Nattou Cheese Fried Rice.
Erm~ Really shouldn't eat that if you're someone like me who have not tried nattou before at all.
Super bad experience

So now here's a short video of my 2nd nattou experience and Mint's and Ah Gung's 1st experience of nattou!

Frankly speaking, this nattou really isn't that bad!

I guess it's because of the little seaweed kind of sauce... LOL

After breakfast, we went to the centre of the whole of Jakarta!


It was some family day so the whole place was just packed with people!

It was also no-cars day in the morning so some people cycled their bicycle over instead!

A typical tourist photo of Mint

Yes, more tourist photos of us taken by Mike!

Statues of stories and places of interest of Indonesia

Oh look that the cameraman!

Hey~ look at Mike's camera okay~

Before going to our next location, we finally got to get a ride on the Dalman

Dalman = Horse Car

Yea~ Camwhore away~ heehee

Off to next location with my Sprite Zero!
*Why don't they have this in Singapore?! sobz~*

Next! We arrive at some flea market near the Wayang Museum!

Games to win handphone!

Sandals anyone?

And ya, I know I have a thing for shades.
It's obvious, right?

Artist along the road

Ice - Potong in the hot weather!

Boss got himself a potong ice cream without any hesitation!

He got himself Durian potong!

Mint's Chocolate potong

My Avocado potong

Ya, blogger-at-work yo~

Snapping photos before they melt!

Not forgetting what I do "best", camwhore!

Okay~ I shall eat now before it melts~

Their potong ice cream in Jakarta is kinda different from the ones we have here in Singapore.

They are softer and smoother.
However, ours are a little more creamy as compared.

But still, I really like the avocada flavour which we do not have it here!

And I kinda caused a little jam near the flea market area cos many locals thought that I am one of the famous singer, Ayu Ting Ting. Many girls came and take photo with me one after another.

It was so amusing I HAVE to take photo with them, too!

Below are 2 videos of Ayu Ting Ting:

Er.... What do you think?

And ya, the cute girls took photo with Mint, too!

*Not forgetting Mike being surrounded by locals, too*

Ticket pricing for Museum Sejarah Jakarta

Group shot!

Next was Wayang Museum (Puppet Museum)

It's a unicorn~!

Souvenir shopping

Fan away the evil~!

After a long time in the hot sun, it's time for lunch at the Batavia Cafe that's just beside the Wayang Museum!

The only photo I'm posting up of the toilet there.

The decor is nice BUT due to lots of nudity photos being up on the wall and everywhere in the toilet, I am not going to post any more photos of the toilet.

Wanna see? Go there for yourself!


Camwhoring while waiting for food to be served.

My honeydew juice

Oh my goodness~ I'm drooling thinking of the taste of the honeydew juice!

Super sweet, SUPER NICE!!!






Ox tail stew

Sweet sweet pineapple juice!

After Mint's main dish, she had a new salad all by her own!
*Yes, she finished it!!! OMG!!!*

A random photo of mine

Group shot after lunch!

Now off to our next location, Dream Land!

(to be continued in next post...)


  1. So many pictures! It looks like you had a great time :)

    Love, Ana



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