Monday, 28 May 2012

SexyLook Hello Kitty Ichigo

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Hi everyone!

There's a Hello Kitty craze going on in Singapore and I am here to introduce to you the new range of SexyLook X Hello Kitty Facial Mask!

キッディ X イチゴ

I just love the illustrations at the back!


Hurray for SexyLook masks!!!

Next, of course! Pamper my skin with Strawberry goodness!

P.S. I was super lazy I practically only adjusted lighting/contrast and resized all photos in this post!

2D Mask

I don't usually like to use 2D masks as most of the time the sizing is too big for my face and it always gets on my hair causing it to feel oil at the roots area the following day.

However, this SexyLook 2D mask is not as big as other brands'.

And in fact, it is actually slightly smaller!

Yeah! to non-oily roots the following morning!

Scent-wise, I have nothing else to say except that I LOVE IT!

It smells super good just like strawberry ice-cream!

Seriously made me feel like eating the mask up!

*No, I did not eat it!*

Just like all SexyLook masks, they never fail me!

It's quick absorbing and leave your skin well hydrated after that mere 15mins!*

You can get your very own box of SexyLook X Hello Kitty masks at Watsons outlets!

Fall in love with SexyLook today~!


  1. You have such nice skin! What do you do with it? :)



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