Friday, 11 May 2012

Be right back

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I wanna say "YEAH MY CAMERA IS BACK!!!"
Super happy~

So I just spent like more than an hour just taking photos of all the products that I have to review and etc.
Super tired~ And there are even more on the way for me to review. Can't wait for them to arrive!

Here are my items bought from Watsons today!

BabyVeil Hair Fragrance in Juicy Berry and KATE Loose Face Powder

Firstly, I got the BabyVeil hair fragrance not only because of the scent but also I got to know from Pearly that it also gives a gloss on the hair! Ya... I didn't know that before... *opps!*

Although the Juicy Berry really is kinda sweet scented, I didn't dare get the Floral Scent one as there isn't any tester for it.
So.. Ya... Out of all 3 that has testers available, I like the Juicy Berry the most so I got it!

And not bad... The scent actually lasted for hours on my hair!
Me likey~

*C'mon, who doesn't like their hair to smell great for hours, right?*

Next, I got my second loose powder from KATE.

Many people asked me over and over again if the CandyDoll one is good or like what's the different and etc etc...

Personally, I prefer the KATE one because not only is it not so heavy, I prefer a loose powder that doesn't really have coverage.

Yes, the CandyDoll one has a little coverage which I personally do not really like.
To me, loose powder should not have coverage use.

Just my personally thinking, opinion. You can always get the CandyDoll one if you like loose powder that has coverage.

And one more thing, the KATE one is cheaper!

Ok. I've gotta head to bed now!

Goodnight everyone!


  1. That's nice! I wish Europe had watsons haha :)
    Have you tried charcott loose powder before :D? It's awesome ^^

  2. So gald you got your camera! : D I would love to see more of your reviews!



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