Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sexy Look @ Toast Box

Blogger Event

Hi everyone!

At the end of April, I was invited to the new masks launch event for my No. 1 favourite mask -- SexyLook.

Well, I was supposed to be working that day BUT because it's SexyLook, I changed my shift with my colleague!

So here was my makeup of the day.

I was wearing the new upcoming Decorative Lash that would be coming to Singapore soon!
Me likey the lashes!

Special thanks to Shibuya Gals for the lashes!

Will be a seperate post for their lashes. (^^)

So back to the event!

Exisiting range of SexyLook masks

Special allocated seat for me!

Information on new SexyLook range and SexyLook X Hello Kitty range!

If you have been reading long enough, you should not be unfamiliar with this!

Yes~! Simply because I have been using it since last Oct/Nov?!

Awesome stuff~

Other series of the same range

The 2 Hello Kitty X Sexy Look 2D mask that I personally own, too!
Ngak ngak ngak~

Exam time!!!

Knowledge of SexyLook Masks' check!

The awesome ingredients in different SexyLook masks!

Special ice-cream toast before the end of the event!

Me likey their coffee and peanut butter flavoured ice-cream!


Yes I finished the whole plate!
*I guess I was the ONLY ONE who finished the entire toast*

Hey! I can explain!

I didn't eat the other savoury toasts that were served at the beginning of the event!
That's why~

*cough cough*

And here's my goodie bag!


3 Boxes of the new range of SexyLook 3D masks and a piece of Hello Kitty X SexyLook masks each!

Oki! I'll be doing a review for the latest Hello Kitty X SexyLook masks soon!
*This masks is not shown in any photo in this post*

Stay tuned!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Food looks so yummy. The event looks like so much fun and you look so pretty!

  2. look good <3 and you're so cute



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