Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Be the cowgirl/cowboy of the day!


Yippe! I had a very great fun day out yesterday with many other bloggers!
And where did we go to?


Now follow our trail to our secret destination of the day!

We alighted at Imbiah Station and walked quite a short distance to our destination!

haha... I'm like so happy that I got to make new friends with other bloggers!

Group shot with my new friends with Merloin in the background! TADA!!!

So after you exit from Imbiah Station, all we did was to take the long escalator! It's like a super short cut to our destination!

When you reach the top, you'll see the "Images of Singapore"!

It was super windy up there! I totally LOVE it!

See that tall tower? Go towards it! It's not far away from our destination!!!

Keep walking.... You're less than a minute away!

And TADA!! We've arrived at our destination!!!
Sentosa's 4D Magix

And here are the fun and interesting attractions there!

Yuhu~~~ So excited!!! We just can't wait to explore the various parts of the world in 4D Magix and of course, CINEBLAST!!!

So are you ready to start your adventure journey?

Yeah! We're going in!!!

And We're IN!!!

Always pay attention and watch the safety video before each attraction. Just like what the video says,

"Safety comes first, next comes fun!"

Setting off to explore the land of the pirates! Grrrr~~~!



And we're at...

Yeah the Desperados!!!
Yiiiiiha! *Cowboy-ish*

Yeah~ We're all waiting patiently for our turn! Wahahaha!!!

Oh~~~ There's a cowboy~! LOL.
That's a really nice cowboy standing at the entrance alright~!

~~ I just can't wait to shoot those wanted people down! *piu piu piu*

And get that $10 million reward!!!

Yeah! Our turn!

My "horse" and I!
Number 13! Yippe! Yiha!

Time to get on our horses and chase that wanted man!

Shoot him down everyone!!!

Are you ready?!

It's like really cool as you really feel as if you're riding on a horse and chasing after the "bad guy" like in any cowboy movies!

Super cool!

And feeling the gun vibrating whenever you shot that wanted man was simply great!

Who's the cowboy/cowgirl now?

And the last attraction of the day!


I'm happy!

Special effects before the safety video

Listening attentively

We were all seated in our own capsules for this attraction ride



Now after seeing all the fun that all of us had, would you wanna experience all of this yourself?

What?! Not enough cash left after all the Christmas shopping?

Here's your chance, no excuse!

It's the "Weekend Shoot-Out at High Noon!" promotion

With this 'Golden Hour' promotion, get to save $4 and the Shoot-out challenge makes the ride even more competitive and fun! The cowboy/cowgirl with the highest score for that day gets to bring home a basket of prizes.

Hurry! This Golden Hour promotion is available every weekend in December at 12pm-1pm & 6pm to 7pm

For more information, check out Sentosa 4D Magix facebook page @ http://bit.ly/8HatqF

It's simple! There's only 2 simple steps you have to do to qualify!

1. Join Sentosa 4D Magix the facebook page @ http://bit.ly/8HatqF

2. Post a comment on the Facebook wall --
"I'm reader of Trixy's blog and I want to experience Sentosa 4D Magix!"

Remember to state that you're a reader of my blog or you will not be qualified oh~

Yes, it IS THAT SIMPLE!!! No tricks!

This contest is opened from now until the 31st of December 2009.
Winners will be contacted via facebook message on the 1st week of January 2010.

Contest is on from now until the 31st of December 2009. Winners will be contacted via facebook message on the 1st week of January 2010.

So what are you waiting for?! Join NOW!!!
*bang bang bang!*

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