Friday, 3 June 2011

Simply SANA

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Hi everyone!

Yeah I'm finally blogging this post cos my video is FINALLY uploaded onto YouTube!
I wanted to upload a HD one but it was gonna take like 20+ hours to upload which of course I can't possibly leave my laptop on for almost one full day.

So I was left with no choice but to upload a normal quality one instead. =(

Oki! So this time, it's cosmetics products of SANA!


The Matsuge catch-ly mascara seriously lengthens your lashes when you apply it. I applied like 2 coats and my lashes was like gonna my eyebrows already!

Ok~ To be honest, my natural lashes are pretty long in the first place, ok?

Their extra heavy liquid eyeliner!
It's flat! So you can actually draw a super thin to super thick line to your liking with just one stroke!

Super quick liquid eyeshadow!
I must say I really love the colour but it is pretty difficult to use when I first started.
Needs practice!!!

Here's a look at the eyeliner and eyeshadow when I drew them on my hand!

Love the eyeliner!!!!!!

Simple eyemake is now very IN like what Tsubasa wore in the latest issue of PopSister!

Wanna know how to achieve this look?

Check out my video!

Try it!

Check out SANA'f Facebook page here for more exciting news!

Stay pretty everyone! (Even guys!!!)

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. So pretty ah! Looks very clean and fresh :D

  2. This look is so cute!! Loving the simple eyes and natural lips!



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